Oregon "New Offense" Cut-Ups

A little late, but whatever. Here are some cut ups from the National Championship that included the "new offense" that Chip Kelly may implement this upcoming year. First was the "wishbone" which is probably the more exciting of the two, considering the benefits it can yield (James, Barner, and Thomas in the backfield).

As you can see, the formation allows for the triple-option, and plenty of misdirection. It almost automatically produces open field because the defense is automatically in contain-mode once the ball is snapped. As FishDuck said, the concept behind these plays are completely different than say the inside zone, and the strategy may be just a "tweak," or a new system entirely.

Just think how the game would have gone if Thomas hadn't pitched the ball on the second play of the game, by the way.

Here is the second formation:

This formation was mostly used for inside-outside series play where the defense was sucked in, then spread out quickly. Kelly used the jet-sweep as the go-to-play, and, like always, when Oregon got the edge, they got yards with Barner.

So there you go. Two "new" concepts on the table for the 2011-12 season.

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