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Quack Fix: The NFL Draft stole all your quack, but spring game is tomorrow

Ah, the NFL draft. Somehow it was only the second most overhyped event of the last 24 hours. But hey, at least we can all point and laugh at the Tennessee Titans. I'm sorry TQA, I really am.

  • Though there's little quack today, we get an overload tomorrow, with the spring game set to kick off on ESPN2 at 1pm. Admission to the game is three non-perishable food items, and many opportunities will be taken to honor the men and women in the United State Armed Services. Parking opens at 10:30am and will cost $5. If you're around, make sure to check out the ATQ BBQ and tailgate as well.
  • Oregon golfer Eugene Wong was spectacular last year, and was one of the top golfers in the country. Unfortunately, things haven't gone quite as he'd hoped this year, and Wong is trying to regain his old form as the Ducks head to the Pac-10 championship. The Ducks as a whole have struggled this year, but have cracked the top 25 as they enter the final stretch of the season.
  • In NFL draft commentary, Bud Elliot of SBNation's Florida State blog, Tomahawk Nation, has an interesting piece on spread QBs and the NFL draft after FSU pro-style QB Christian Ponder was selected 12th last night. He claims that the spread offense is a real detriment to a lot of players, and that marginally physically talented players should play in a pro-style offense to develop their skills the best. Playing QB in the NFL is about accuracy, understanding defenses, and havibng a command of the entire offense. Unfortunately, many spread QBs never fully understand these concepts. While I think that Bud makes some great points about the current slate of spread QBs in this years draft, I think that the concepts he talks about are not specific to any type of offense. There's no reason a spread QB can't learn these concepts, but many times the pressure to win limits QB growth. I think that this is a good lesson for Chip Kelly and Mark Helfrich. They must emphasize these concepts in their QB development in order to win the recruiting battles at the highest levels.
  • Lastly, Ted Miller a recap of all the Pac-12 players that went in the draft.

Like I said, it's a sparse day for quack, so if you got anything else to share, or just feel like reveling in some schadenfreude, drop it in the comments. GO DUCKS!