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ATQ Spring Game BBQ and Tailgate is Tomorrow!

I've received quite the education on things like liquor liability insurance, site plans, and permit applications. Sorry for the delay in getting more concrete information out there but here's the plan for the tailgate.

Location: Google Map


We're going to start setting up around 9am and you're welcome to come that early but the parking lot may not open until much later. Keep this in mind considering the parking situation.

There will be cars there, probably 3 of them, but that doesn't mean you can park there. In fact, you absolutely can't park there. You need to find another approved lot and make your way over to the tailgate. Parking specifically at the tailgate location requires a permit through the City of Eugene and if you don't have one, you'll probably get a ticket. You can park in the normal Autzen Stadium lot or any other approved parking areas. Just don't get excited because you see cars parked and think you can drive right up.

Food and Drink

Currently planning on providing a variety of meat products, generally brats and burgers and associated toppings. If you want to grill something specific to your dietary needs, bring it along and we'll throw it on the grill. We'll have various snacks and things as well as some drinks. Bring your favorite adult beverage and throw it on the pile for folks to try. Just a word of caution. I'm not bringing any ingredients to fashion the ATQ official Spring Game drink, Dr. Delight. If you want that, I'm sure there is SOMEONE out there that will assist you.

Feel free to bring a side, some chips, or whatever you like


We'll have a few chairs but you're welcome to bring your own. We have essentially the whole area south of the stadium but the chairs need to stay at the main tailgate site.


Pop me an email through my profile and I'll do my best to answer sometime this evening. We're expecting quite the turnout so try not to overwhelm the cook. Hope to see everyone out there!

-- Dominic