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Quack Fix: Duck Fans Around the World, Distance Night, Another National Championship, and Building a Toaster

You say to stand against the wall! I listen to what you say! Not my fault! Not my fault! 

  • With the Duck Baseball Team's hopes of making it to the post-season all but dashed, a win against Seattle U would make for some welcome relief. Unfortunately, the "relief" has been the issue this year as Oregon settled for a weather-induced tie at 7-7. I appreciate news stories that mention this tie was the first one in 30 years but I'm kind of over that storyline with baseball being gone for the majority of that time.
  • The men's lacrosse club team wins their second straight conference crown with a 16-8 victory over Simon Fraser. The score was tied going into the 4th quarter when the Ducks rattled off 8 straight goals to take the match. Things don't get easier with Oregon off to nationals to face a no. 9 ranked Cal Poly squad.
  • Tom Jordan, director of the Prefontaine Classic, says that "Distance Night in Eugene" is an experiment. With the wind dying down and no admission fee, this could be a very special showcase as apart of the Pre. 
  • The football team will soon have some new fans in Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia and Honduras as the BCS National Championship gear from last year's game will be donated to help fight poverty. A lot of people joke about this type of thing but I'm personally glad that this clothing won't go to waste. 
  • Put another national championship in the trophy case. The Oregon Club Disc Golf team defeated Augusta State on their own course by 3 strokes in the final frame to take the natty. Hear that SEC? We aren't afraid to travel to the south and play against one of the elite southern schools for a national championship! We'll see you at Sladden Park!
  • And in upcoming opponent news, I got sent a link to an LSU message board where an unfortunate LSU Tigers fan posted a picture of his mom requesting some photoshop touch ups. LSU Freak contributes at least 3 different animated gifs to the thread. Let this be a lesson to you. The internet is serious business. That, and LSU fans apparently don't understand the importance of MS Paint. So sad.

And now to leave you with a random link. Have you ever wanted to build your own toaster? Maybe from scratch? Well, here's a guy trying to do that very thing...starting with mining his own ore.