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Quack Fix: Track & Field sweeps Pac-10 championships, Hamani Stevens to return to Oregon

It was a pretty great weekend for the Ducks. Pac-10 championships, series wins, we have it all. Also, there was some Pac-12 news I found interesting, so make sure to check that out after the jump:


  • Ted Miller had a number of polls going last week, and has the results compiled into one large post. Oregon plays a prominent role in a number of the polls, and is picked as the Pac-12 favorite by 54% of Ted's readers. Cliff Harris was picked as the defensive player of the year, and Darron Thomas narrowly fell to Andrew Luck as the "impact" player. While the results of the polls are interesting, Ted has a lot of good commentary to supplement each result.
  • In Cal news, Jeff Tedford has picked Zach Maynard as the Bears' starting QB. I have to say, this is pretty shocking to me. Maynard, a transfer from Buffalo, always seemed like a throw-in with the Keenan Allen signing. A big reason that Allen went to Cal was because they were one of the few big schools to offer Maynard. Well, he's now going to be the starter for Cal. This really will be a test of Tedford's ability to coach QB's this season. Can he pull a Chip Kelly and turn a 2-star transfer into a star. I'm not betting on it.
  • One advantage Tedford will have, no more Ludwig on staff. Cal Golden Blogs takes a look at the Cal coaching changes over the offseason.
  • Bruins Nation takes a look at UCLA's uniforms, and after comparing them to Oregon, find them a bit lacking. While schools like ASU and WSU have rolled out new uniforms this offseason, I don't know how much of a difference these changes will make. Yeah, it's nice to have updated uniforms, but Oregon has set the trend. It's not just about keeping up with the latest trends, it's about innovating and creating the new trends. Oregon has moved up in the college football world because of their innovation, and their future success will depend on it.

Hopefully that fulfilled your quack need. But make to leave anything else in the comments. GO DUCKS!