Insight to Casey Matthews anyone?

Hi, I'm a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan. I primarily stick to pro football when it comes to watching but I do watch some college, not alot. Aside from the BCS Championship game, I have not seen alot of Casey Matthews film. The combine is difficult for me to watch, due to the fact A) I'm not exactly sure what to watch for and B) I got bored watching it, so I haven't seen alot of him in action (and its especially sad considering I actually live in Astoria lol)

I was hoping to get a fan's perspective as to what kind of LB is on my team now. A bunch of the other SBNation College Football blogs were doing profiles on their respective players getting drafted, so I was a lil disappointed to see that not being done here (hence the reason for my post). I tend to avoid the critic's word of mouth as they tend to be wrong when the game is finally being played.

Yes I know he's not his brother. Hell, NOONE can be his brother. I've read the Mel Kiper-type reports about where he lacks his brothers's explosiveness, he makes up in instinct and intelligence. So essentially, I just wanted to get a grasp from a fan's perspective on what to look forward to come NFL season time!

Thank you for y'alls time! I was going for you guys in January :(

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