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Quack Fix: Baseball not selected for regionals, Track & Field athletes honored

After a long weekend, there's not a lot quack out there, but we'll see what we can do:

  • The Oregon baseball season officially came to an end yesterday when the Ducks were not selected for postseason play. It was a tough season for the Ducks, but despite the frustration, they won 10 of their last 14, and continued to battle even when they could have thrown in the towel. George Horton had the team playing hard down the stretch, capped off by the sweep of the Beavers.
  • Speaking of OSU, they're "just getting started." Huh? The Beavs have lost 5 straight as they head to the postseason. Their marketing team needs some serious work. 
  • Oregon Track & Field is headed for nationals, but the team held their season banquet last night. Brianne Theisen, Jordan Hasay, and Matthew Centrowitz were honored for their contributions to the University of Oregon track and field program. Other athletes gaining recognition were David Klech, Amber Purvis, English Gardner, and Michael Berry.
  • Since that's it for Duck news, let's jump to the national story of the moment: Jim Tressel's resignation. George Dohrmann of Sports Illustrated has been on this story for quite a while, and uncovered even more allegations against Tressel and Ohio State, which may have forced Tressel's resignation over the weekend. Dohrmann's story on this topic is very interesting. While it's clear that tOSU players have been breaking NCAA regulations for years, the article tries to reconcile the public face of Tressel, with what happened behind the scenes. Tressel's purposeful ignorance only worked for so long.

It's a slow news day, so help out your fellow addicts and leave some quack in the comments. GO DUCKS!