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Weekend Quack Fix: Recruiting round up; Kelly is Oregon's long term coach, and Track and Field Finale

Yeah, I know it's late.  So what.  It's Saturday and I wasn't planning on getting up early just so you can have your Quack delivered on time.  You want early Quack, you go down stairs and get it yourself! 

  • Duck Territory has a recruiting review up for free.  A couple of linebackers, and a defensive tackle are on the Ducks radar and a good sized wide receiver who's already committed to ASU visited Oregon this week on his trip to the NFTC Oregon camp.
  • Again, check out benzduck's latest piece on Autzen Stadium.  Even if they wanted to put a stupid roof on the stadium or drive in parking spaces, you have to be really glad that Leo Harris took on this fight and built us the place "where good teams go to die."
  • I did a Q&A with one of my new favorite blogs LSU vs Oregon Football.  Feel free to comment on my answers here or there.
  • Good story on Chip Kelly and his career prospects long term as a coach.  There's no doubt with the success Kelly's already achieved at Oregon that he'll always be mentioned when new big time program positions become available.  It's also good to know that he's happy at Oregon and is a loyal person that isn't trying to use Oregon as his stepping stone to something better.
  • Oregon's in a really good position entering the final day of the Track and Field Championships.  Lananna seems pleased that even though things haven't all gone Oregon's way, the Ducks have battled and are in good shape.

That's what I got for now.  You know the drill, find any more Quack, leave it in the comments.