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Quack Fix: Malcolm Armstead, Ben Crane in a Boy Band, Elite Running Backs of the Pac-12

Ah! What did I tell you? 118 miles per hour! The temporal displacement occurred exactly 4:32am and zero seconds! Ah, Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ, Dave, you disintegrated Takimoto! Calm down, Matt Daddy, I didn't disintegrate anything. The molecular structure of both Takimoto and the car are completely intact.

  • Friday brings with it an update on former Duck hoopster Malcolm Armstead who transferred to Wichita State during the off-season. In transferring, he'll have to sit out the upcoming season and have one remaining year of eligibility left. Malcolm will see some familiar faces as his former coaches from Chipola College in Greg Heiar and Dana Ford work for Wichita State. 
  • If you've been following the PGA Tour, you know that the US Open is this weekend. You may also know that former Duck golfers Ben Crane and John Ellis are participating in the event. What you may NOT know is that Ben Crane is the leader of his own boy band.
  • Looking for some interesting running back analysis? How about a look at the "elite" running back corps of the Pac-12. I wasn't surprised to see who was number 1 on the list but the rest of the top 4 somewhat surprised me. 
  • I couldn't pass on this interview with Oregon State Athletic Director Bob DeCarolis discussing the state of the Beaver Athletics Programs. He has some very interesting insight about a variety of topics including an fascinating answer to the "you got crushed 15-2 in the Civil War this year. How much does that concern you?"
  • Most people know by now that Oregon State is building a track and field venue. I have the same feelings on this development as I did when baseball came back to Oregon. It will be fun to experience the rivalry in renewed medium.  

Giving JTlight the day off today because he helped me out last week. I'm sure he's doing something fun today but I bet it's not sports related. After all, you only get 3 major sports during this time of year... baseball, soccer, and golf. A perfect time to invest in a kindle.