Beer Conference Re-Draught


We in the middle-west have taken on a new project that we thought would be of some interest to the fine beer brewing and beer drinking peoples of the Northwest. And let's be honest here, Oregon in particular. Maize n Brew is in the process of collecting the beer drinking public's top craft beers to pool into a Beer Conference Draft/Draught. We'll have commissioners, a pool of outstanding craft beers to choose from, and lots of jokes and bad puns along the way. However, to get to the draguht, we need everyone's help.

So that's why I'm here to petition you, you wonderful beer-swilling, micro-brewing Oregonians to submit your top ten craft beers over at Maize n Brew's Re-draft or Re-Draught? Submit your Top Ten in the Comments Section, and then join us in the Official Re-Draught Beer Discussion thread to tell us how your west coast beers stand up to our mighty Lagers, Dopplebocks, and Ales. Hell, we might even agree with you. (I won't! Captial Brewery Dopplebock FOREVA!)

It's the social experiment of our time. Can beer, glorious beer, bring us as a college football loving people together? Or will it simply lead to snarky commentary and regional chest puffing?

I'm hoping the latter.

Join us!

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