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Quack Fix: Revenge of Jerry Allen, Military Training, Kellen Moen, and Jeremiah Masoli

Give in to the dark side of the force!

  • Our man Rob Moseley dug into the football team's Military training regiment and found out some interesting details despite the closed-lipped nature of University of Oregon officials. For those concerned about the NCAA legality, "The Program" is covered under the 8 weeks of mandatory strength and conditioning training in the off-season that coaches are allowed to attend.
  • George Horton talked about learning a valuable lesson as a coach yesterday. Don't buy into your own team's hype. Horton goes on to say that he will be more pessimistic and humble in the future. On a personal level, that pessimism might also exist because of the heavy roster turnover for next year. I will say that it's refreshing for a coach to own up and talk about the mistakes he's made without trying to dance around them in a political fashion.
  • The Daily Emerald has a nice feature on pitcher Kellen Moen as he moves on from the University of Oregon and reflects on his last game in the green and yellow.
  • Houston Nutt was extremely happy with Jeremiah Masoli's impact on the Ole Miss locker room and what he brought to the table in terms of work ethic. I admit that I was disappointed by Masoli's actions but I think we can all agree now that Justin Roper should have kept the quarterbacking job. Ah hindsight.
  • And finally, remember how up in arms everyone was when Joe Giansante pushed Jerry Allen into a swimming pool? Harmless prank? Douche move? Well don't worry. Someone got a little payback in Joe Giansante's last baseball game.

Have a great day out there and if you're in Oregon, I swear... it is June. The weather just hasn't figured it out yet. Go Ducks!