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Quack Fix: Andrew Checketts Gets a New Gig, Michael Dunigan, Husky Vegas Lines, and Galen Rupp

So much "news" out there in the traditional media. Just yesterday, I heard of a 50/50 chance that Chip wouldn't be head coach in a year mentioned by "inside sources", secret meetings between Rob Mullens, CK and UO President Richard Lariviere at the Cas Center, and it was just a matter of time before Oregon was dealing with major sanctions.

I feel a little bad for some media folks out there. They're trying really hard to make sense of things. They get a little nugget, whip themselves into a frenzy, and do a Glenn Beck chalkboard theory to try and explain it to the rest of us. I understand that sensationalism helps to sell papers (well, it used to. No one buys papers anymore) and page hits but all I'm really looking for is a little "double rainbow" analysis. I just want to know... what does it all mean man ... and honestly, I'm willing to wait for all the facts to come out before I make a judgement.

I know everyone wants to be the first to say "I saw it coming and I said it first! Buy something from me!" but this feels like so many cases we've seen before where the media is moving faster than the news. Anyway, sorry about the rant. On with the quack.

  • Baseball news came out late Wednesday that assistant coach Andrew Checketts is off to his first head coaching gig with UC Santa Barbara. For those unfamiliar with his work, Checketts spent a lot of time with the pitching staff, helping to mold a unit that helped the Ducks be competitive immediately upon program reinstatement. 
  • Every Thursday seems to be Michael Dunigan news day and today is no different. Scott Powers of ESPNChicago checks in with Dunigan on the upcoming NBA Draft and his time with Oregon. In previous articles, Dunigan always mentions that it was personal issues that caused him to leave the program but he gives a bit more information in this piece, citing the cancelled trip to Italy as being a contributing factor.
  • Bob Condotta gives out some "way too early" football lines for the Washington Huskies. He predicts the Oregon game edges towards the Ducks at minus 6. Given the game is at Husky Stadium, what do you think? Over, under or just about right?
  • With the USA Track and Field Championships in town, the RG has a nice piece about former Duck Galen Rupp and his training partner Mo Farah. The article also details some of his professional and personal achievements since graduating.

Got quack? We know you do. Discuss it here. Go Ducks!