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Weekend Quack Fix: The Value of Recruiting Services, Bryce Taylor Still Dunking , and Track and Field News

I liked this video. There are a number of different perspectives going on here from fans to recruiting services to coaches. You also have a clear picture that recruiting services benefit on the fan interest and school needs to get information on high school players. What stood out to me was the revelation that scouting services don't have restrictions on contact and "closeness" to recruits that schools do.  At what point do we realize that schools need access to players, and certain people already have that access, yet if schools use those people it's considered the same? This puts schools at a serious disadvantage and gives a tremendous amount of access and exposure to recruiting services that the NCAA really can't regulate. They only have power over those organizations that willingly want to associate with them and recruiting services have no incentive to do so. So in essence, schools need recruiting services for their access but the NCAA needs to regulate these services and can't. Guess it's in the school's best interest to play in that gray area of recruiting... oops did I say too much?



  • He was one of my favorite basketball Ducks ever. That Pac 10 tourney run he had will live with me forever. Bryce Taylor is playing ball in Europe and is still up to his old tricks of dunking on guys and making plays.
  • The marathon ninja, former Oregon Duck Galen Rupp, is still chewing up kilometers and finishing at the top. Rupp recently ran the NYC half marathon and finished third as he continues to train and get ready for an Olympic performance.

  • Lots of track and field news out there regarding Oregon athletes.