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Weekend Quack Fix: Oregon's better than UW...again, Pac 12 commitment list and LSU vs Oregon dedication

If you're reading this Quack Fix, stop.  Look outside, it's beautiful.  It's 81 and sunny, and it's going to be a gorgeous day and there are no sports on TV.  Unplug from the Matrix for a while and go outside and enjoy the nice weather.  Trust me, you'll have plenty of time to read this when it's pouring down rain later this week.  Fine, here's some quack you addict:

  • This is some serious dedication.  A guy has put together a blog site dedicated specifically to the LSU vs Oregon game.  Got to give the guy a shout out cause he's got ATQ listed as one of his links for Oregon.  Plus, he's got a lot of really good posts about both teams.  So if you feel like you need to catch up on this game 3 months beforehand.  Here's yous best place.
  • Looks like the Prefontaine Classic got off to a great start last night as Kenya's Moses Mosop broke the world record in the 30k last night with a time of 1:29:18.8. 
  • I was planning on putting together a 12 Pac Review each weekend this summer.  Unfortunately there's not enough going on to do one every week.  Instead you'll have to settle for Quack Fixes and if you really need some 12 Pac News, here's the commitment list for each of the schools so far.
  • I highly doubt Mike Bellotti is even interested in the sinking ship that is the Ohio State football program.  He knows the west coast very well and is very well known on the west coast, and considering there was no coaching turnover in the Pac 12 this year, expect that to change next off season.  You got guys on serious hot seats like Neuheisel, Erickson and Wulff.  You've got young guys that if they have another decent year could move on like Sark or Kiffin, and then don't be surprised if Stoops or Tedford is let go if they have a struggling year.  Mike Bellotti could be in serious demand next off season and 12 schools will just be coming into a nice new media contract.
  • I don't know if anyone saw it, but Sports Illustrated released it's top 20 best coaching jobs in college football.  Oregon was the highest ranked Pac 12 school at #10.  3 other teams were listed in the Top 20 and Lossington was not one of them.  Hehe.
  • A couple more Prefontaine Classic links on Oregon's Andrew Wheating, or more records set on Distance Night and Schroeder writes about disgraced sprinter Justin Gatlin and how he still hasn't come clean on steroid use.
  • Lastly, you have to like the title of Ted Miller's latest mailbag.  I can't say I disagree with anything Miller says about the bavers.  Their skill positions are middle of the Pac in talent and experience, their D line is really going to struggle and while they have some experience on the O-line, they didn't really blow anyone away last year even with Quizz.

That's all the Quack I got.  I'm sure there are some Regional college baseball games or Super Regional softball games on today, but none of them contain "versus Oregon" so get your butt outside, go watch a race at the Pre, or mow your lawn Musgrave.