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Quack Fix: Cal is a Victim, Mike Bellotti Gets Promoted, Backfields and Football Tickets Available

We have very clear instructions on how to live our lives on days like tomorrow but what to do on Thursday? Do I still get up and get my cereal? Do I take the bus or find a seat with my friends? Is partying out of the question?

  • If you're looking to get tickets to some of the football games this season, you're in luck! A limited number of seats will be available on starting at 10pm tonight. In looking over the prices, $81 for the California Golden Bears game. Eep. Hopefully the website is just faking that price.
  • Former Oregon Football Head Coach Mike Bellotti is getting an upgrade at ESPN. He's going to part of a 2-person team calling games next year, generally for the Big10 conference. On a personal level, I think Mike's commentary, even in this early stage, is starting to blossom into something special. He has a knack for taking complex ideas and breaking them down into simple, understandable sections that even the casual fan can appreciate. 
  • Ted Miller talks about the depth of the Pac-12 in terms of backfields and hot the conference is represented nationally. 3 teams make the top 10 with Oregon and Stanford going 1-2 respectfully and USC rounding out the top 10.
  • Jeff Tedford is saying that Cal is "a victim of guilt by association" in their deals with our good buddy Willie Lyles. Something that the article glosses over is that the information given to Cal for the 2010 National Package was shipped 1 month after the 2010 class signed their LOI's. Too little detail to be of much use but interesting nonetheless.

Have a good day and look for an article later from Matt about... I don't know, he just writes stuff on Thursdays and I love it. Go Ducks!