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Quack Fix: Ducks pick up another QB commit, Lyles gave DVDs to LSU

Not a lot of quack today, but there sure are some big national stories going on. Bruce Feldman was suspended for doing what his bosses told him he could. And we got another example that, whatever you do, don't give the middle finger to the NCAA.

  • In Duck news, Oregon picked up it's second QB commitment of the 2012 recruiting class, Jeff Lockie, whose older brother goes to Oregon. Lockie is 6'2" 185, and describes himself as a dual threat QB. If all goes as planned, Oregon will have 5 scholarship QBs going into 2012, but Lockie isn't afraid of competing for playing time. The Lockie commitment seemed to catch many Duck fans by surprise, as his only other offer was from San Diego State. But Chip Kelly and Mark Helfrich have great track-records with QBs, and I'm not going to doubt their evaluation abilities.
  • One other news item from Rob Moseley's piece this morning, Cliff Harris has settled all of his traffic debts, with help from his parents. He recently payed nearly $4,300 to take care of his debts in Fresno.
  • What would a Friday be without some Willie Lyles news. Rachel Bachman is reporting that Lyles gave 32 DVDs to LSU for their $6,000 package they purchased from Lyles. While many, including Bachman, spin this to mean that Oregon is obviously hiding something, to me this seems to corroborate Oregon's story that they received video, but compiled it in such a way that it was impossible to tell what came from Lyles and from other sources. The question previously seemed to be whether or not Lyles even had video to provide. Now we know that he did.
  • Lastly, Phil Steele was on 1080 The Fan to discuss Pac-10 football, spending quite a bit of time on the Ducks.

It's a bit of a slow day, so make sure to help out some fellow addicts, and leave the quack below. GO DUCKS!