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The ATQ All-Time Oregon Football Fantasy Draft - Part 4

It's a double dose of draft this week! If this is your first time reading about the draft, you can find the rules HERE and a recap of the first ten rounds HERE. Today we continue with rounds 11-16. Will I finally draft a running back? Will PaulSF finally draft an offensive or defensive lineman? Does it even matter because all of you are just gonna vote for Kenny Wheaton's team? Let's find out!

Round 11

jtlight: It's been a few rounds since I've taken an offensive lineman, so why not continue my monopoly. Fenuki Tupou played two years at Oregon and started all but one game at tackle. He was second team all-conference both years, helping lead the Ducks to two of the most successful offenses in school history.

ntrebon: Might as well lock up the DE spot on my line.  My next pick played only three years for Oregon after transferring from a JC, but he made an immediate impact starting 37 of a possible 39 games.   He earned all-conference honors all three years (honorable mention once, second team twice) and ranks 9th all-time in tackles for loss.  My next pick is Will Tukuafu.

Dave: I have a great lockdown corner on one side of the field, I'll draft a great lockdown corner on the other.  This guy is fourth all time in pass deflections and ninth in interceptions despite missing the bulk of his senior season (he's all Oregon's all-time leader in punt return average).  With my next pick, I select Walter Thurmond III.

Takimoto: Man, Fenuki, Tukuafu, and Thurmond all in a row, all guys that were high on my Big Board. OK, well then I'll have to go safety with another member of the Hard Hitters Club. I select TJ Ward.

Matt Daddy: I'll just continue to build out the O-line with more versatile guys that had long Oregon careers. I select Jordan Holmes.

PaulSF: Although this two-sport All-American (football and baseball) was known more for his quarterbacking than his prowess as a defensive back, he still holds the school's single-season and career marks for inceptions (13 and 19 respectively). Of course, it's also nice to have an All-American insurance policy to back up my starting QB (Fouts). That's why I'm taking the only No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft in Oregon's history, George Shaw, with the 66th overall pick.

Round 12

PaulSF: Staying on the defensive side of the ball, this Duck amassed 19 career sacks and 40 career tackles for loss (including 20 during the '96 season). You may remember him for his 48-yard interception return that set up the tying score in the '95 Rose Bowl (of course, Penn State went on to win anyway, but it gave us all hope with a 14-14 tie!). He also worked for the Ducks as an assistant director of football operations from 1998 to 2006. With the first pick of the 12th round, I'll take linebacker Reggie Jordan.

Editor's note: Okay, before this next pick, know this. Before drafting Jordan Holmes, Matt Daddy tried to take Wesley Mallard. Paul, who submitted like four of his picks at once because he was incommunicado for three days, drafted Mallard in Round 10 and Matt failed to notice. Paul pointed it out, Matt corrected the mistake.

When I checked my email, I saw an email from Matt, one from Paul, and another from Matt. Thinking it was my turn, I tried to draft defensive lineman Junior Siavii. I took the pick back because it wasn't my turn. Then this happened.


Matt Daddy: You're probably not going to believe this, but I swear this isn't just to piss Takimoto off, I was going to take him next. Tako's angst is only a side benefit of this pick. With my 12th pick I select at defensive tackle Junior Siavii.

Takimoto: It's cool. I didn't actually want him anyway....Asshole.

Well now that that happened, I'm going to finish out my secondary instead. He's second all-time in passes broken up, and tied for sixth with 13 interceptions. I select Steve Smith.

Dave: One of the great things about drafting Adam Snyder, aside from the fact that he's one of the best offensive linemen in Oregon history, is that he played four different positions at Oregon. I'm going to take advantage of this flexibility and play him at guard, freeing me up to take another big tackle. This guy was an anchor of the Oregon offensive line in the mid-1990s, standing 6'4" and 305 and garnering second team all-conference honors on his way to becoming a third round NFL draft pick. I select Paul Wiggins.

ntrebon: It's time for me to lock up my second running back. This player ranks 6th all-time in rushing and 8th all-time in scoring in Oregon history. In fact, his 6.7 yards-per-carry is the only mark in the top 10 greater than 5.6. And, what's more, he'll be the perfect the complement to Jonathan Stewart, given that's he already proven that. I draft Jeremiah Johnson.

jtlight: Though he played only two years at Oregon, he made his impact quickly at the linebacker spot. His first year, he was 7th on the team in tackles despite only getting 3 tackles in the first 4 games. His senior year, he was the unquestioned leader of the defense, leading the team in tackles and earning Oregon's Hoffman award for MVP of the team in 2006. He also made one of the most exciting plays in school history when he blocked the Oklahoma's last effort to win the "onside kick game." I'll take Blair Phillips.

Round 13

jtlight: Oregon's had a lot of productive DE's over the years. Matt LaBounty left Oregon in 1991 as the all-time leader in sacks and tackles for loss, though both records have been broken by a number of players. After being drafted, he went on to play 8 productive seasons in the NFL.

ntrebon: To be perfectly honest, I can't believe that this player is still available. He is currently ranked 6th all-time in total receptions and 2nd in receiving yardage and his 22 touchdowns is 3rd all-time for receivers. He also has the single game record for most receiving yards (242). With my 13th pick, I select Tony Hartley.

Dave: I can't believe this guy is still on the board. A junior to be, he is already a two year starter. The accolades are already numerous: freshman All-American, all Pac-10 team, third in the conference in INTs and second in passes defended. Already a beast, and we get him for two more years. I select John Boyett.

Takimoto: I can't believe THIS guy is still on the board! But seriously, I love this guy. One of the hardest hitters in Duck history, he finished his career with 18 career sacks, including 11 as a senior in 2005. I draft Anthony Trucks.

Matt Daddy: With Matt Smith being a beast in the middle and Reed and Rowe rushing off the ends, I'm going to need a good coverage linebacker that will be able to cover the flats, TEs and even WRs if need be. Might as well take one of the fastest linebackers to ever play for the Ducks. I select Spencer Paysinger.

PaulSF: Time to start on the offensive line, and why not take two guys that helped anchor the most productive line (at least statistically) in Oregon history. They may not have been the biggest guys, but they got it done in 2010 and helped lead the Ducks to their first-ever national title appearance. With the 77th and 78th overall picks, I'll take second team All-Pac-10 selection Bo Thran and returning starter Mark Asper.

(the rest of) Round 14

Matt Daddy: At my other guard position I'm selecting Jeff Kendall.

Takimoto: I'll keep the run on O-linemen going with 2000 Pac-10 first team selection Lee Gundy.

Dave: I'm going to stop this madness and go defensive line. Sixth all-time in Oregon history with 19 sacks, first team All Pac-10 in 1989, and went onto a lenghty pro career, I take DE Matt Brock.

ntrebon: This player twice lead the team tackles in 1977 and 1978. In 1978 he was awarded the Skeie's award as the most outstanding player (voted by teammates) and in 1976, he shared the Casanova award for competitiveness, inspiration and outstanding performance. My final linebacker is Bruce Beekley.

jtlight: It's about time for me to finish off my front 7. And I"ll start with one of Oregon's most productive linebackers. He's 3rd on the all-time tackles list, led the team in tackles 3 straight years, was MVP of the 1992 team, and 2 time Academic All Pac-10. I'll fill out my linebackers with Joe Farwell.

Round 15

jtlight: To finish off my defensive line, I'll take another team MVP. Mike Walter had one of the best seasons in Oregon history when he recorded 12 sacks in 1982. Not only teams captain and MVP, he was also First Team All Pac-10. After being selected in the 2nd round of the NFL draft, he went on to play 11 seasons in the NFL.

ntrebon: With the next pick, I'll take another guy who was voted as the most outstanding player by his teammates (1987) and was also a first-team all-conference selection. Despite a brief and somewhat scandal-ridden pro career, I select Rollin Putzier as my first DT.

Dave: I'm going to take a 15th round steal and reunite the most productive backfield duo in Oregon history. This guy, despite playing only two seasons, ranks #9 on the career list, and #3 in per game average, with nearly a hundred yards a game. The first Oregon running back to have back-to-back thousand yard seasons (and I now have two of the three backs who have done so), and a guy who has gone onto a lenghty pro career, I select Maurice Morris.

Takimoto: 8th on the all-time tackles for loss list with 35, this former Duck DT is now the defensive line coach for the Colorado Buffaloes. I select Romeo Bandison.

Matt Daddy: With Molden at one corner locking shit down, I'll take an honorable mention all Pac 10 2 year starter in Aaron Gipson.

PaulSF: In order to fill the ever-important rover position, I need to shift a few players around. At 6', 220 lbs, Keith Lewis is larger than most Ducks safeties, so I'm moving him to rover. George Shaw, known mostly as a defensive back, will move to safety, and with my next pick, I'll take first-team All-Pac-10 cornerback Justin Phinisee.

Round 16

PaulSF: With my next pick, I'll take another first-team all-conference Duck from the mid 1960s who had a short stint in the NFL, center Dave Tobey.

Matt Daddy: Sorry about the delay, been sucking up some sun and beer this weekend. To continue to give my defense some flexibility as well as hitting power, I select Eddie Pleasant, and Eddie Pleasant and Eddie Pleasant.

Takimoto: With my 16th pick, I take an offensive lineman who is already shown himself to be an outstanding combination of strength and intelligence. He is only a junior this year, but already has 22 starts and two Pac-10 All-Academic honors to his name. I select Carson York.

Dave: I'll also take a pick at guard here. This big 6'6" 330 lb beast started both his years at UO (05-06), leading both squads in pancake blocks. I select Palauni Ma Sun.

ntrebon: It's time to fill out my defensive backfield. This player is still tied for 9th all time in school history for interceptions and was a first team all conference selection in 1991 as well as voted by his teammates as the most outstanding player. With this pick, I'll slide Byrd back to CB and take Eric Castle.

jtlight: I'm following in Nick's footsteps, and picking a safety. He is one of the best safeties in Oregon history. He's still 9th in school history in interceptions, and 11th in tackles. He was a two time First team All-Pac 8 and team MVP. I'll take Steve Donnelly.

We'll be back next week to wrap up the draft, and kick off the ATQ All-Time Oregon Football tournament.