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Quack Fix: Pac-12 Media Day

Only 39 more days.  Only 39 more days.  Only 39 more days.

  • With fall camp just around the corner, conference coaches and selected players are gathered in L.A. today for the first Pac-12 media day.  Chip Kelly will take the stage at 9:20 AM (live streaming can be found on the Pac-12 website).  
  • Similar to Moseley, Aaron Fentress expects reporters to try and get Chip talking about the Willie Lyles situation.  If reporters are actually expecting anything beyond a "no comment," I expect they will be sorely disappointed.    
  • Last night, Moseley had a blog post on the Pac-12's new officiating structure.  The blog post also discusses the new unsportsmanlike conduct penalty which is now a spot-foul and can results in points being taken off the board. 
  • As usual, Ted Miller had a flurry of posts up yesterday and this morning.  Here are the links, in case you missed any:  First, Miller recapped his positional reviews using a simple scoring system to come up with an overall score.  Next, he links to a colleague's post on the best high-risk, high-reward nonconference matchups.  Finally, Ted had a mailbag where the last item is Oregon-related (Warning: it is also Lyles- and LaMichael James-related).  
  • Bob Rickert has blog post up containing some thoughts from former running back Rueben Droughns.  Droughns talks about his former coaches, what he thinks about Kelly and current Oregon offense and which current Duck he enjoys watching the most.
  • And, in sad note, Oregon State AD Bob De Carolis has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.  The disease is still in its early stages and he expects to finish out his current contract, which runs through 2016. 

Go Ducks!