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The ATQ Oregon Football All-Time Fantasy Draft - The Final Frontier

We've finally reached the end of our enormously big and fantastic ATQ Oregon Football fantasy draft. Today's post gives a rundown of rounds 17-24, and a schedule for the ATQ fantasy football tournament, which will take place all throughout August. Ok, let's keep chugging along with these picks!

Round 17

 jtlight - I'll also fill out my offensive line. Oregon has had only 3 first team all Pac-10/8 guards. I already have one. I'll take another, John McKean.

ntrebon - My offensive line is a gaping hole right now.  I guess picking a tight end ought to help.  He was twice named to the all-conference team (honorable mention and first team), including after the 2001 season in which he caught 9 TD passes.  I select Justin Peele.

Dave - I already have one player on my defensive line who is tied for sixth in Oregon history with 19 quarterback sacks, I'll now take the guy he's tied with in DT Steve Baack.

Takimoto - I'll take a monster from the not-so-distant past to hold down one of my offensive tackle spots. He's also the most prolific vegetarian in Oregon football history. I draft C.E. Kaiser.

Matt Daddy - I'll round out my linebacker with another fast versatile player that can blitz off the edges, or drop into coverage.  Joining Spencer Paysinger and Matt Smith, I select Jerome Boyd.

PaulSF - I'll take Dave Tobey's counterpart on the 1964 Ducks' offensive line, all-conference guard Mark Richards.

Round 18

PaulSF - Originally from New Orleans, this Duck took the long road to Oregon after getting displaced by Hurricane Katrina. He started 7 games last season, including the national championship game, and will take over one of the tackle spots this fall. Rounding out my OL is senior tackle Darrion Weems.

Matt Daddy - I'm going to continue my speed theme.  You can just call me the Al Davis of Fantasy Ducks Drafts.  Hell, I do have Chip Kelly as my coach.  With Pat Johnson on one wing, I'm going to take the fastest WR to ever play for the Ducks on the other side.  I select Jordan Kent.

Takimoto - I've already got the leading receiver in Oregon history. How about adding the leading rusher in Oregon history? His 3296 yards and 41 rushing touchdowns are both school records (until LaMichael James hits the field this year at least), and he was also dangerous both as a pass catcher and as a kick returner. He left Oregon to put together a fine NFL career, collecting three Super Bowl rings as a member of the 49ers and Broncos. With my 18th pick, I select Derek Loville.

Dave - I see some of us are now playing "lets just select any random player from the last few years" to fill our extra spots.  I still want the best players.  Tight games come down to special teams, so I'm going take Oregon's best kicker ever.  He's the Ducks' all time leader in points and field goals.  He also kicked the longest field goal in Oregon history at 59 yards.  This four year starter and first team all Pac-10 kicker kicked his first game winner in just the third game of his freshman year.  I select Jared Siegel.

ntrebon - This player was twice named as the team's top offensive lineman during two of Oregon's most successful seasons (2000 and 2001).  With my 18th pick, I select Jim Adams.

jtlight - Time to fill out my backfield, and I'm going to go with a Duck that had one of the best rushing years in UO history, LeGarrette Blount. He has his downsides, but when he was on the field, he produced like few others. In 2008, he set the touchdowns record for the school and averaged 7.3 yards every time he touched the ball. He wasn't made to be a top back at Oregon, but there hasn't been a better #2 who could close down a game like Blount.

Round 19

jtlight - At tight end, I'll take one of the most tenacious players to ever don the Green and Yellow, Josh Wilcox. He not only got it done on the line, he surpassed 400 yards receiving for two seasons. Oh, and he made one of the most important catches of the '94 season.

ntrebon - At guard, I'll take a player who was named first team all-conference in 1958 before being drafted in the fourth round of the NFL draft by the Detroit Lions.  My next pick is Bob Grottkau.

Dave - I'll fill out my defensive line with this all Pac-10 first team performer who had one of the best seasons in school history in 1989 with 10.5 sacks.  At defensive end, I select Peter Brantley.

Takimoto - As a complement to Derek Loville, I'm selecting the most underrated running back in Oregon history. He rushed for 132 yards against Stanford as a true freshman, and never looked back. He currently sits fourth on Oregon's all-time rushing list, as well as ranking second among backs in receiving yards, behind only Bobby Moore. I select the always dependable Terrence Whitehead.

Matt Daddy - To finish off my defense I'm going to take the guy who just finished 2nd team all Pac 10.  He was 5th in the Pac and 30th nationally last year in tackles for a loss.  At Defensive Tackle I select Brandon Bair.

PaulSF - It's down to my defensive line and kicker. Since I desperately wanted Brandon Bair (thanks, Matt), I'll ignore the DE position and take a FUTURE first-team All-Pac-12 defensive tackle Ricky Heimuli.

Round 20

PaulSF - I don't think my team will punt very often with a backfield of James and Renfro, but just in case, let's nab BY FAR the best punter in Oregon history, Josh Bidwell.

Matt Daddy - Since Paul already has an All American, NFL Hall of Famer, and 2 time Super Bowl Champion on his team, I might as well select one too.  With my 20th pick, I select Norm Van Brocklin.

Takimoto - He was the 1994 Moshofsky Award winner, and is the proud owner of a six-game NFL career with the Indianapolis Colts. With my 20th pick I draft Steve Hardin.

Dave - I'll complete my linebacking corps with a linebacker who had 16.5 career sacks and was a second team all Pac-10 in 1996.  I select Derrick Barnes.

ntrebon - I am taking another offensive lineman with this pick.  He started his career at tackle before becoming a two-year starter at guard.  During his senior season he was a first-team all-conference pick by Rivals and a third-team all-conference selection by Phil Steele.  He also posted the third-highest squat (580 lbs) in history for an Oregon offensive lineman.  I select Mark Lewis.

jtlight - Time to fill out my special teams. Jared Siegel was nice and all, but I'm happy to take the most accurate kicker in Oregon football history. In 1998, he put up the 2nd best scoring season in UO history, and missed only two kicks all year. Nathan Villegas.

Round 21

jtlight - For punter, I'll take Mike Preacher, the most consistent punter in UO history. First team All Pac-10, he averaged almost 43 yards per punt over his entire career.

ntrebon - Finally, I will complete my offensive line.  This player was a second team all-conference pick in 1999 and was part of a line that gave up the fewest number of sacks in the conference.  And, he's a pretty good pitcher.  I select Josh Beckett.

Dave - I want a tight end who can be a major receiving threat, comes through in the clutch, is a great blocker, and a first team All-Pac 10 performer.  Oh, and he still has a year to go to build up more accolades.  His name is David Paulson.

Takimoto - I'm taking it old school for once to finish out my defensive line. He was a thre-way player for the Ducks in the late 50s and early 60s, playing on both lines and serving as the team's punter for two seasons. He was a 1962 All-Coast selection, went on to a ten year NFL career with the Browns and Redskins, was awarded the Leo Harris Award in 1983, and was inducted into the Oregon Athletic Hall of Fame in 2009. I select Ron Snidow.

Matt Daddy - For my last offensive lineman I'll go with another guy that was versatile having played at three different o-line positions during his career and ended up starting 25 straight games.  He could squat 600lbs and bench 425.  I select Nick Steitz.

PaulSF - This Duck eventually transferred to San Diego State and went on to play a few seasons in the NFL followed by three all-star seasons in the CFL. However, before leaving for the Aztecs, he managed an all-conference season at Oregon as a defensive lineman. I'll take defensive end Reggie Lewis.

Round 22

PaulSF - He wasn't the biggest guy on the field. (And why would he be? He was the kicker!) But he also wasn't big compared with other kickers in Oregon's history. He was, however, arguably the most accurate. He didn't miss a single PAT in his career (the only Duck in history to do that), still holds the record for most consecutive kicks made in a game (11 in the 2008 Civil War, which, if you remember, featured our 65-point outburst all over the Beavers' faces ruining their chances of playing in the Rose Bowl), and has the second-highest career FG% in school history (behind only Nathan Villegas). Granted we didn't kick a lot of field goals from 2006 to 2009. But when we did, it was an automatic from 40 yards and in. Needless to say, I have no qualms taking Morgan Flint as my kicker.

Matt Daddy - He holds the record for the longest field goal at 52 yards against ASU in 2008 and is top 10 all time for the Ducks in FG percentage.  I select Matt Evenson.

Takimoto - He's my punting man-crush, so I feel obligated to lock him up. I draft Josh Syria.

Dave - I'll go punter as well, and take a guy that only punted for Oregon one year, but had one of the best seasons in Oregon history.  in 1940, this guy averaged 42.8 yards per punt (on 39 punts), an average bested only by Bidwell (once) and Preacher (twice).  Give me Len Isberg.

ntrebon - I'll take a kicker who had four kicks in his Oregon career of at least 51 yards, including a long of 56 yards against Washington in 1992.  He also has the second and seventh most field goals in a single season and is 8th all time in percentage.  I select Tommy Thompson. 

jtlight - With two wide receiver spots remaining, I'll use one of those spots to pick one of the most frustrating Ducks to watch in recent memory, Jaison Williams. After an exceptional sophomore year, everyone expected him to become the best Oregon receiver of all time. He had every physical ability you could want for a receiver. Unfortunately, it never quite panned out. He got a case of the dropsies, and was never quite the same receiver. But despite that, he had the 3rd most receptions in UO history, 2nd most 100-yard games in school history (10), and was a stellar blocker before that was the cool thing to do at Oregon.

Round 23

jtlight - I'll also need a dependable receiver who can stretch the field, so I'll go back a few years and pick Terry Obee. He could catch, run, and return punts. As a receiver, he is 8th in school history in receiver yardage averaging 18 yards per reception. He's 10th in school history in all-purpose yards. He was also a First Team All-Pac 10 receiver.

ntrebon - For my final DT spot, I'll appease benzduck and select George Dames.  He is a member of the Oregon Hall of Fame and was selected as the team MVP his senior season.  In 1968, he also received the most votes from opposing players in the All-Opponent team and was first team all conference. 

Dave - I fill out my offensive line with a center, and although he's an old one, he's a good one.  Standing a 6'5", he has room to grow on his 255lb. frame, he led the Oregon offensive line in the mid '70s before being drafted by San Francisco in 1977 where he became a two time Pro-Bowler during an 11 year NFL career.  I'll take Fred Quillan.

Takimoto - My kicker is second all-time in field goals made with 45, made 72% of them, and had a long of 51, which he hit twice. I draft Gregg McCallum.

Matt Daddy - Well with 2 speedsters on the outside in Johnson and Kent (I know, I know) I'm going to need someone that can do work over the middle and get open in space.  Normally Dante Rosario would be a perfect fit here.  A natural fullback that transitioned to TE, who has also gone on to have a decent NFL career. 

However, considering most of you have smaller d-lines and linebackers, I'd like to be able to load up with a bigger TE that can help push the pile in the run, but can also make plays with his hands in short yardage situations if need be.  Because of that for the last tight end being taken, I'm going to select another guy that had a decent NFL career, including a Super Bowl with the Patriots and taught his offensive lineman brother (another Duck) a thing or two about blocking.  I'm taking Jed Weaver.

PaulSF - After doing a bit more research, I discovered Dave Wilcox wasn't actually a linebacker at Oregon, but a stand-up defensive end. So, I'm moving him to DE. To replace him at LB, I'll take a Duck who's 5th all-time in career tackles (373), as well as the current head football coach at Eugene's Churchill High School. I select linebacker Darrell Mehl.

Round 24

PaulSF - And, to fill out my last roster spot, I'll take first-team All-Pac-10 nose tackle Marcus Woods, who's probably best remembered for this sack of Ty Detmer in the Ducks' 1990 upset win over No. 4 BYU.

Matt Daddy - So I have Dixon and Droughns in my backfield, but I need to add some speed.  I would also be good to have a guy that can easily switch out to the slot and give another weapon on the edge.  This guy tied the Oregon record last seasons for touchdowns in a game with 5, and filled in nicely for LaMichael when he was held out for a game.  He's also one of the most explosive players on special teams.  For my final pick, I select Kenjon Barner.

Takimoto - A 4 star recruit whose teams never lost a game in high school. He grew up in one of America's most dangerous neighborhoods, but stayed away from the culture of crime and violence, growing into a young man who was a role model for his community. After attending summer workouts at UO, he returned home to Richmond, CA for a few days. He was gunned down by a 15 year old assailant a mere two days before fall camp was scheduled to open. He never played an official snap at Oregon, but he was an All-American talent and an All-American human being. Therefore, I am using my final pick to draft Terrance Kelly.

Dave - With my final pick, I need to fill out my secondary.  I'll take a first team all Pac-10 defensive back who started for Oregon at both strong safety and corner.  I select Michael Fletcher.

ntrebon - With my final pick, I'll take Kurtis Doerr as my punter.  He was an honorable mention all-conference selection during his senior year.  During his two-year stint as punter, he averaged 41.2 yards per punt, good for fourth all-time.

jtlight - I think this is the most fun choice of the draft. I got to wait 23 rounds and mull over my QB choice. And with the line I've assembled, I was really temped to take Jeremiah Masoli. But in the end, I have to take a QB who can pass consistently. He was one of few Oregon QBs to have a career completion rate over 60%. He's 3rd in career yards and 2nd in career touchdowns, with a better interception rate than every other QB taken in this draft. I'll finish the draft by taking Kellen Clemens.


There you have it: six Oregon super-teams. But which team is the best? That is up to you to decide. If you'd like to take a look at the finished teams, you can find them HERE.


Starting Monday, the ATQ Fantasy Football tournament will begin. It will start with two three-team matchups, with the top vote getters getting a pass into the semifinals. They other four teams will square off head-to-head for the other two semifinal spots. Then we'll have the final four, and the championship match, with the winner being announced the morning of the Oregon-LSU game. Posts will go up as follows:

  • Aug. 1 - Region 1: Jared vs. Dave vs. Matt Daddy
  • Aug. 8 - Region 2: Nick vs. Tako vs. Paul
  • Aug. 15 - Quarterfinal matches
  • Aug. 22 - Semifinals
  • Aug. 29 - Championship Round

So get ready for the tourney to begin next week, and remember: if you don't vote for my team, the terrorists win.