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Weekend Quack Fix: Where the heck is Matt Daddy?

I log onto ATQ at 2:30 on a Saturday and there's no Weekend Quack Fix?  What is Matt Daddy doing?  Jared, fire this guy pronto!  Onto the quack:

  • Rachel Bachman chimes in, and give her credit for an informative article.  She talks about the work of Bill Clever, Oregon's complaince director, for sleuthing around making sure that no student athletes are selling autographs or gear.  Nice to see that the compliance department is on this issue.  It doesn't seem like this has been a major issue for the Ducks, but its nice to see Oregon being proactive on this issue after the recent happenings with A.J. Green and the whole Ohio State scandal.
  • Fall Camp starts in a week and Rob Moseley talks about the completion of offseason workouts with Coach Radcliffe.  You know the guys are going to be in tip top shape after an offseason with the best strength and conditioning coach in the biz.
  • Matt Prehm of DuckTerritory gives us a free update on the basketball schedule.  Oregon has had some trouble scheduling teams, but has finalized a road game with BYU in Salt Lake City, and a home game (that will be returned the next season) vs. UTEP.  The Ducks also will get a return game from Virginia this season, and are close to closing a deal to play Mississippi State.  The Ducks are trying to get at least two more quality opponents on the schedule, one in Eugene, and somebody on the road on the east coast.

If you find any more weekend quack, be kind and share.  You don't want to be the weird guy who reads quack all by himself.