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Quack Fix: A Nearly Sold Out Cowboy Stadium, How Much is Too Much Drama and Roberto Nelson

So sick of Willie Lyles, so very sick of it.

  • Bud Withers is doing what all columnists are doing these days with Oregon but in this article, he does raise an interesting question. How much drama is too much? One of the charters of University President Richard Lariviere was to do things "the right way" and clean up parts of the athletic department that had strayed a little too close to the line. How much does he crack down in a situation like this? I think that's a big unknown at this point and may add an additional wrinkle to this whole mess.
  • We are under 2 months away from the LSU game and tickets are going fast at Cowboy Stadium. In fact, they're working through selling the standing room only tickets now at $50 / ticket. Keep in mind that when the Dallas Cowboys are actually playing, those tickets sell for $29. Oregon State and TCU sold 46,000 tickets last year. If Cowboy Stadium is into standing room only tickets, they are approaching capacity at 110,000 tickets sold for September 3rd. 
  • The Oregon State Basketball team is over in Macedonia on a service trip and while that may not be interesting to many Duck fans, the fact that Roberto Nelson accidentally broke a backboard during a game and needed 20 stitches may be somewhat intriguing. Skip forward to about 2:10 into the video to see the actual play.
  • MMA fighter and former University of Oregon All-American Wrestler (thanks Pat Kilkenny) Chael Sonnen will make his return to the octagon this October at UFC 136.
  • Finally, with all these Willie Lyles stories, I feel the media is doing the equivalent of writing a 4-chord song. Warning: some limited bad language.
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