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The ATQ All-Time Oregon Football Fantasy Draft - Part 2

Last week we took a look at the first round of the ATQ mods' Oregon football fantasy draft. Today, we continue with rounds 2-5. To review, here are the picks so far:

1. jtlight - Haloti Ngata, DT
2. ntrebon - Jonathan Stewart, RB
3. David Piper - Akili Smith, QB
4. Takimoto - Joey Harrington, QB
5. Matt Daddy - Dennis Dixon, QB
6. PaulSF - Mel Renfro, RB
7. PaulSF - LaMichael James, RB

8. Matt Daddy -"With Dixon and Chip Kelly already in my line up (that's right I got Chip, you're all screwed) I need a power back that can be my workhorse and drive away at those 2nd and 3rd and short yardage situations.  I'm going to take Oregon's greatest workhorse running back ever.  A guy who carried the ball 277 times in 1999 and rushed for over 1200 yards.  A guy who in only two years at Oregon still ranks 6th all time in total  rushing with his bruising power game.  A guy who would still rush for another 172 yards today against UCLA with a broken fibula.  With my first pick in the 2nd round I select Reuben Droughns."

9. Takimoto - "Joey's gonna need somebody to throw to. Who better than the all-time leader in both receptions and receiving yards? With the 9th pick, I select Samie Parker."

10. David Piper - "Like Matt Daddy said, you need a workhorse power back to go along with an elite QB.  I'll take a guy who averaged better than a hundred yards per game for his Oregon career, and scored nearly a touchdown per.  A guy who rushed for 1150 yards and 12 TDs despite missing three games in 2002.  A guy who was a complete enough back that he was a very good pass catcher and kick returner to boot.  Seventh on Oregon's all time rushing list despite only playing two seasons, and a first team all league guy, I select with my second pick Onterrio Smith."

11. ntrebon - With my second pick, I have to grab one of my favorite all-time players.  He's a guy who always seemed to make the big play when the Ducks needed it, be it a clutch catch on 3rd down or a punt return straight up the gut against the Beavers in wet and miserable Civil War.  And, he's tied for first in receiving touchdowns while at Oregon and third in career receptions, receiving yards, and punt return yards.  Of course, I am talking about Keenan Howry.

12. jtlight - Oregon has two modern era players that are in the College Football Hall Of Fame. Unfortunately, Paul took one. I'm taking the other, Ahmad Rashad (Bobby Moore). He was a 3-time first team All- Pac-8 selection, once at flanker, and twice at tailback, and was a First-Team All American in 1971. He was a TZR before it was the hip thing in Oregon football. He set numerous records for both rushing and receiving. He'll go down as one of the top all-around offensive players to even play at Oregon.

13. jtlight - With my defensive line set for domination, my offensive line needs to centerpiece. Gary Zimmerman was the best offensive lineman in Oregon history. The best lineman in the Pac-10 his senior year, he also was an All-American. He even was named Pac-10 offensive player of the week during his senior year. He went on to be one of the best offensive linemen in NFL history, and was named to both the 1980s and 1990s All-Decade teams.

14. ntrebon - After focusing on offense in the first two rounds, I figured it was time to take a look at the defensive side of the ball.  This player was one of the leaders of the secondary for Oregon's 1994 Rose Bowl team.  He was the team defensive MVP and a first-team All-American.  With my third round pick, I select Chad Cota.

15. David Piper - Time to give the defensive side of the ball some attention.  The downfall of many Oregon teams has been a soft, undersized defensive line.  I much prefer a strong, 300 pounder to anchor the line, eat space, and stop the run.  With that in mind, I'll take the strongest player in Oregon history to anchor my line in Igor Olshansky.

16. Takimoto - It's time to get greedy. I hope you guys are planning on drafting some elite corners soon, because my team is going to the air. With Samie Parker already on one side, I'm turning to another great receiver, one who ranks fourth in both receptions and receiving yards, and holds an Oregon record with eleven 100 yard receiving games. I'm talking, of course, about Demetrius Williams. 

17. Matt Daddy - Ngata's gone.  Igor's gone.  And yet the all time leader in sacks for the Oregon Ducks is still on the board.  The list of awards and records this guy set would be too long to mention.  Let's just say if you're planning of setting up your offense to throw down field, this guy isn't going to be giving you much time to make that happen.  With the 17th overall pick in the ATQ draft, I select Nick Reed.

18. PaulSF - The University of Oregon has become synonymous with innovation, from NIke-clad athletes to the Greatest Show on Field Turf. But long before the Ducks took the football world by storm with their wacky uniforms, world-class facilities, and ludicrous-speed offense, a young, highly intelligent quarterback was living in relative obscurity on a subpar team in Eugene. He may not have had the same level of mobility as Dennis Dixon or Akili Smith, nor the same winning percentage as Joey, but with a rocket for an arm, genuine toughness and arguably the highest football IQ of any quarterback in the 1970s, he could flat-out devastate defenses through the air. Pair him with the mind of a Chip Kelly or a Mike Bellotti, and you've got the biggest steal of the draft thus far. With the 18th pick of the ATQ Fantasy Draft, I select Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Fouts.

19. PaulSF - Of course, with Fouts under center and a dynamic backfield of Mel Renfro and LaMichael James, I think it's time to focus on the defensive side of the ball. With Haloti Ngata off the board, I'll go with the next best all-time defensive player, "The Intimidator." He's not just an NFL hall-of-famer, but also the father of two other all-time Oregon greats (Josh and Justin). With the 19th pick of the ATQ fantasy draft, I select linebacker Dave Wilcox.

20. Matt Daddy - If you're going to run a spread offense, one of the most critical positions is the center.  A center that can consistently snap the ball, hold the middle of the field and even pull to the outside to clear space is paramount to an effective offense.  Because of that I'm going to take the 3 time Ed Moshofsky Award winner, and 2 time First Team All Pac 10 performer,Maxwell McCandless Unger.

21. Takimoto - Every defense needs a leader, one who is dependable, smart, and extremely talented. My leader was a starter at age 17, garnered freshman All-American honors, and never gave up that starting spot in for four years, starting a school-record 51 straight games. He recorded 384 tackles as the Ducks' rover, and was a dynamic playmaker both in the defensive backfield and at the line of scrimmage. He is now tearing up the NFL, both on defense and on special teams, for the New England Patriots, including a game last year where he blocked a field goal, blocked a punt, and returned an interception for a touchdown. And, with my fourth-round pick, my team will lead the league in "WHAP-WHAP!" I select Patrick Chung.

22. David Piper - Tako says that every defense needs a leader.  I say every defense needs somebody who can lock shit down.  Oregon's had a lot of great corners, but I'll take Cliff Harris to anchor my defensive backfield.

23. ntrebon - To quarterback my team, I am selecting a four-year starter who still holds the all-time records in passing yards and total offense and who led the Ducks to their first bowl game in 26 years.  With the 23rd overall pick, I select Bill Musgrave.

24. jtlight - Oregon has had only two 2-time All Americans (though that could become 3 or 4 this season). One is off the board, and I'm taking the other. He paved the way for Bob Berry and Mel Renfro, helping the Ducks to a school record in yards in 1960. He was 3-time All Coast selection, Academic All-American, and the second best offensive lineman in UO history. I'm selecting Steve Barnett.

25. jtlight - A great defensive line can shut down any offense. We saw that in Super Bowl XLII and unfortunately in a game that happened last January. Ngata is good enough to do this on his own, but he'll soon be working with the only other defensive winner of the Morris Trophy in Oregon history, Vince Goldsmith. Though just 5'11" and 230 pounds, he was a dominant force for the Ducks. His sophomore season he had 87 tackles and had 281 on his career. He was the only all-conference selection for a 1980 defense that gave up only 17.5 points per game.

26. ntrebon - With everyone loading up on offense, I decided to snag Oregon's most prolific tackler.  This linebacker had 433 career tackles in his three years at Oregon, including a whopping 206 in 1969.  With the 26th overall pick, I select Tom Graham.

27. David Piper - I now turn my attention to the offensive line.  I'm going to take a guy who is one of the most decorated offensive linemen in Oregon history, starting at four different positons.  He was a two-time all Pac-10 first team player, and one of only three Ducks to win the Morris trophy as the Pac-10's top offensive lineman.  A big, 300 pound hoss who will protect Akili and open up holes for Onterrio, I select with my fifth pick OT Adam Snyder.

28. Takimoto - First Unger, now Snyder. I'm just gonna not set my eyes on offensive linemen anymore. Then they won't disappear the pick before me. Well, that just gives me an excuse to draft another offensive playmaker. He ranks ninth on the Ducks' all-time pass receptions list with 124. After moonlighting on the defensive line as a redshirt freshman, he became the most prolific tight end in Oregon history. With my fifth pick, I select Ed Dickson.

29. Matt Daddy - Well, it looks like Tako is planning on throwing the ball about 75 times a game with Harrington, Parker, Williams and now Dickson.  If that's the case I think I need to take Oregon's best CB of all time.  Led the Ducks to a #12 ranking nationally in total defense in 1995 and #14 nationally in pass efficiency defense in 1994 as well as the Rose Bowl.  Two-time first-team all conference choice and 1995 first-team All American, Oregon Hall of Fame Inductee, Alex Molden.

30. PaulSF - Oregon has produced a plethora of great tight ends the past few decades. But arguably Oregon's all-time best came out of the 1970s. The former first-round NFL draft pick, three-time Pro Bowler, Super Bowl champion, honorable mention All American, Oregon sports Hall of Fame inductee and former professional wrestler also broke the national high school javelin record at Pleasant Hill High. With the last pick of the 5th round and 30th overall of the ATQ fantasy draft, I select tight end Russ Francis.

Stay tuned for the rest of the draft; with seventeen rounds left, there are plenty of your favorite Ducks left to be selected!