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Quack Fix: Hot Seats, Colt Lyerla, Practice Notes, Hroniss Grasu, and The Buried Life

My self-imposed sanctions on dealing with Willie Lyles links is still intact. I'm banning myself from linking anything Willie Lyles unless it's actually relevant. This includes links to media folks complaining that they are being picked for reporting on the story. Seriously guys, let me know when they story has more to it, not just an account of how he likes to brush his teeth or how bowtie pasta is better than spaghetti.

  • I love the "hot seats" articles that ESPN puts out every year and Paul Wulff from Washington State leads the list this year. A couple of names I found interesting... Lane Kiffin being listed as "warm" seemed odd. The guy has been there one year and is coming off a year where the team had been punished with sanctions, sanctions he didn't even cause. There are other Pac-12 names on the list including Chip. Click the link to find out where he sits.
  • Impact Freshman, always a fun topic. Colt Lyerla makes the list and I have to agree. A lot of potential there. However, I suspect there are other Freshman on the team that might make a bigger splash in higher focus roles. 
  • All kinds of cool practice notes from yesterday but I couldn't get over the note about a portable sound system being used to take the practice music wherever the Ducks go. "Essential" was the word used to describe the system and I love it. Also, there was a special guest at practice that had his own issues with National Championship games.
  • Lache Seastrunk provides an interesting interview about how his first season went and the upcoming season. After all the things swirling about "he who shall not be named", and a rough Freshman year, it looks like Lache is getting past that and finding his niche.
  • There are big shoes to fill at the center position but Oregon has quietly made a name for itself over the last few years with experienced offensive ball snappers. Hroniss Grasu looks to fill those shoes and take over a critical position on the offense.
  • Someone has been listening to Matt about the defensive line.
  • I mentioned in last week's quack fix that some former Oregon players were headed up to Tigard High School to take on the cast of MTV's "The Buried Life". Here's a quick recap of the event and how it went. 

Tons of quack out there and should be more throughout the day. SportsByTMZ has about 23 days left in his prediction that CK would have 0 chance of coaching this season. You hear that folks? We're down to a little over 3 weeks. Go Ducks!