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Weekend Quack Fix: "Plus One" suddenly becomes a strong possibility, offense takes first scrimmage

Wow, quite the bombshell dropped last night. Let's get to the quack and get to usual offseason shenanigans.

  • The offense won the competition day yesterday. Moseley has all the details. Because of the victory, the offense gets to wear yellow jerseys today as the team goes through two practices, both in pads. Moseley already has an update on the first practice, which was of "medium intesity," and focused a lot on technique before this afternoon's more intense practice.
  • Aaron Fentress has another article on the offensive line. Not a lot new, but he focuses on the line as a whole, rather than the articles on center that have been circulating recently. And don't forget jcgoducks article as well.
  • Bud Withers had some great news last night. A plus one may be actually happening in a couple years.
    The proposed format the ADs favored in a straw vote calls for adding a BCS bowl, probably the Cotton, and seeding the top four teams, which would play semifinals in two BCS bowls on a rotating basis. Presumably, the current BCS formula still would be used to rank teams. Winners would advance to a title game in what has become known as a "plus-one" format. In this format, the Rose Bowl wouldn't host semifinal games in exchange for the right to preserve an annual matchup of the Big Ten and Pac-12, but would host the title game every five years.
    Matt Hinton has some good speculation on what would happen. The Rose Bowl would be guaranteed a Big 10/Pac-12 matchup, but it is assumed that if a Pac-12/Big 10 team were to be in the top 4, they would play in the semi-final, and the conference runner up would take their place in the Rose Bowl. Pac-12 teams in this scenario would essentially be giving up home field in a playoff most of the time (unless the Fiesta was part of the semis that year), but would also have a much stronger guaranteed path to a BCS bowl, which have been quite infrequent the last few years. I'm far from a college football traditionalist, and have made clear my dislike of the Rose Bowl for stopping progress. What do the rest of you think? Does this preserve the Rose Bowl while moving college football forward?
  • Not only is there great playoff news, but this whole Texas A&M to the SEC thing may not be a joke. Alrighty then. The SEC can still turn their back on the Aggies. No matter what, something interesting will happen.

Quite a lot of things happening for a weekend, so leave your opinions and any other quack in the comments. GO DUCKS!