The Fish Report: First Scrimmage!

In Oregon we have our natural cycle of summer transformations, of the warmth with the lush green vegetation everywhere that will begin to change.  We see the geese begin going south, and we now see Duck fans flocking to Eugene to live the beginning of our football season.  For many us—we cannot help ourselves, as it has become part of our own DNA.  Like a salmon, this “Fish” is drawn up the Willamette to the focal point of the most exciting football on the planet.  I can’t help myself…like jumping through the rapids or swimming around a dam, I am wiggling, drawn upstream or up-street through Eugene to end up with fellow fans who too, could not stop the natural flow of migration to these hallowed fields.  It is early August, and as I look around at those drawn to this location, we nod to each other knowing that we are right now where we should be and at the precise time.  Our intuition was correct, and a cycle of our lives, of football has begun.


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P.S. I have a video coming out next week that is going to be the biggest effort I’ve done of analysis of Oregon football in over 12 years…..

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