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Cliff Harris 118mph traffic stop tape released

What would the day be without a little Cliff Harris fun. The state police have released video of the traffic stop. KVAL has a pretty complete description of the whole situation if you can't watch the video right now, including a guest appearance by Darron Thomas. Some fun exceprts:

The trooper then asks "Who’s got the marijuana in the car?" Harris responds "we smoked it all." The trooper responds "I don’t know if I believe that."  Harris reiterates that there are no drugs in the car.

The officers also pondered if driving 118 was reckless or not. Cops! They're just like us!

"Is that necessarily reckless, going 118? I don’t know," the trooper tells the caller. He later says he might call his supervisor for guidance as he ponders the possible infractions.

There's all sorts of interesting stuff in this. Leave your comments below. GO DUCKS!