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ATQ's guide to following the Ducks on Twitter

We joke around in the comment threads often: "I know its true because I heard it on Twitter."  While Twitter can be a source of misinformation, it can also be a great source of information when used properly.  Want real time practice updates?  Twitter is the place to be.  Recruiting tidbits without forking out money for a subscription?  Twitter.  Everything that hits the news usually shows up on Twitter first.  This list is not comprehensive, so please share the people you like to follow.  For those of you who haven't found your way over to Twitter yet, here is your guide to following the Ducks:

Addicted to Quack on Twitter:

@AddictedToQuack -- ATQ's official Twitter page.  Dvieira does a great job running this.  You'll find links to all our new articles, plus Dom's take on various topics Duck sports.

@atqdave -- My Twitter page.  I usually talk college football, though occasionally mix in a political rant as well.

@mattdaddysblog -- Matt Daddy's Twitter page.  He tweets less often, and usually in response to others.

Oregon Media:

@DuckFootball -- Rob Moseley's page, pretty much the best single person to follow.  Real-time practice updates, opinions, lots of information.  He's also really good about answering questions as well.

@AdamJude_RG -- Rob Moseley's #2 as far as covering Oregon football.  Has all the information when Rob is not around.  He also covers Oregon baseball for the Register-Guard, and has a lot of good information for them as well.

@GeorgeSchroeder -- Tweets quite a bit, usually defending the positions in his columns.  Also discusses his SI stuff.

@JohnCanzanoBFT -- pass

@KenGoe -- The best of the Oregonian writers on Twitter.  You'll get lots of links, lots of news, and all the track and field information you could ever want.

@AaronJFentress -- The Oregonian's UO beat writer this season.  We'll see how he utilizes his Twitter page.

@LindsayRae19 -- Also covering the Ducks for the Oregonian this season.  She's a prolific Tweeter, so we'll see how she uses her page for this.

@Bachscore -- Rachel Bachman, a surprisingly good follow

@PDXjay -- Jay Allen is sports director at 750 The Game in Portland.  He'll have Duck and Blazer information, as well as programming tweets.

@Pnbuker -- Oregon State's Oregonian beat writer, good for lots of links and snarky comments (but will take it as well as dish it)

@odesports -- The sports account for the Daily Emerald, Oregon's student newspaper

@ESPN_Pac12blog -- ESPN's Ted Miller.  Follow this, and you'll get all the big Pac-12 news.

National Media

@edsbs -- Fuck Clemson

@slmandel -- Stewart Mandel SI








@lukewinn -- college basketball

@kenpomeroy -- college basketball guru

@SwishScout -- Oregon alum scouts the NBA draft


@AJ_Jacobson -- from DSA, lots of good Duck stuff all around

@Tony_DiFrancisco -- Rivals analyst

@JHopkins247 -- co-publisher of

@Prehmmr -- Matt Prehm of Duck Territory.  One of the most important accounts to follow.

Bloggers/Internet Folk

@bylawblog -- a must follow on NCAA compliance

@FormerDuckNews -- as the name implies, news on former Ducks

@SportsBrewery -- Local blog with lots of Duck talk

@chipisms -- hilarious

@DucksEmpire -- New Oregon blog that has had some practice updates

@BigKOR -- Great follow, lots of Duck talk

Official Oregon Sports Accounts:

@McNamaraUO -- Oregon's SID












Current and Former Oregon Players:

This group varies in the frequency and quality of their tweets.  Remember, these are these kids' personal Twitter accounts, and most of the stuff is college kids being college kids.  Most of these won't be worth your time, but I really recommend following Spencer Paysinger and George Wrighster.


@SpittyP -- Spencer Paysinger

@GeoffSchwartz74 -- Geoff Schwartz

@ImBlairPhillips -- Blair Phillips

@georgewrighster -- George Wrighster

@UKcoachbrooks -- Rich Brooks

@SAMIEPARKER -- Samie Parker

@BossWard43 -- TJ Ward

@Rocket80k -- BJ Kelley

@KeanonLowe -- Keanon Lowe

@TDeezy85 -- Tim Day

@justinphinisee -- Justin Phinisee

@zclark99 -- Zac Clark

@MaxForer64 -- Max Forer

@dpaulson22 -- David Paulson

@EdDickson83 -- Ed Dickson

@biggem1 -- Marvin Johnson

@DMM_3 -- Dior Mathis

@TraDuece2 -- Tra Carson

@ifo14 -- Ifo Ekpre-Olomu

@CarsonYork -- Carson York

@CaseyMatthews50 -- Casey Matthews

@kagyeman21 -- Kwame Ageyman

@Jonathanstewar1 -- Jonathan Stewart

@gthompson59 -- Grant Thompson

@WaltThurm3 -- Walter Thurmond III

@A_Gildon18 -- Anthony Gildon

@Dstuckey52 -- Dewitt Stuckey

@tjay37 -- Talmadge Jackson

@KarringtonA -- Karrington Armstrong

@Bodawg25 -- Boseko Lokombo

@EricSolis48 -- Eric Solis

@jairusbyrd -- Jairus Byrd

@bhanna44 -- Brandon Hanna

@mikeclay_46 -- Michael Clay

@justfollow61 -- Nick Cody

@smkamp -- Sam Kamp

@iamTHEDMJ_22 -- Derrick Malone

@BryanBennett3 -- Bryant Bennett

@DePalo9 -- Ryan DePalo

@BrentHaberly -- Brent Haberly

@MorganFlint25 -- Morgan Flint

@JacksonRice49 -- Jackson Rice

@RyanClanton -- Ryan Clanton

@GWStrong -- Garren Strong

@ColtLyerla -- Colt Lyerla

@DrCamColvin -- Cameron Colvin

@TheWillieG -- Willie Glasper

@krowe58 -- Kenny Rowe

@cantuTXmade -- Blake Cantu

@_JeromeBoyd_ -- Jerome Boyd

@EugenesFinest83 -- Curtis White


@O_Ash -- Olu Ashaolu

@Squeeg25 -- EJ Singler

@Thirty2zero -- Aaron Brooks

@gsim03 -- Garrett Sim

@StayFresh34 -- Joevan Catron

@Carlos33Emory -- Carlos Emory

@idf18 -- Jabari Brown