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Quack Fix: Previewing the running backs and baseball adds two assistants

First, if you haven't voted yet in the first round of ATQ's all-time fantasy football draft, you can do so here.  Now, on to today's quack:

  • Today, Moseley previews the running back position as Oregon heads into fall camp.  While calling the tandem of LaMichael James and Kenjon Barner "perhaps the premier 1-2 punch in the nation," Moseley notes that it is similar to the QB position where the starter and backup are clearly established and the main question is who will serve as third-string.  Unlike QB, however, the third-string back should see some playing time assuming that Barner sees a lot of snaps in the tazer role. 
  • In baseball news, George Horton has added two new assistants to his staff: Mark Wasikowski and Jay Uhlman.  Wasikowski replaces the departed Andrew Checketts as recruiting coordinator and will oversee the offense and outfield defense; Uhlman will replace Mike Kirby and will be responsible for infield defense as well as third-base coach.  Interestingly, Horton will take over the role of pitching coach, which had been part of Checkett's responsibilities.  
  • Ted Miller has a post kicking off the start of the 2011 season.  It includes the official fall camp start dates for all 12 conference teams.  ESPN is running a feature called "Yards to Glory" that examines some of the most memorable plays that occurred from each yard line of the football field.  The Pick is selected for 97.
  • Bob Clark has a quick update on the upcoming basketball schedule, noting that Oregon hasn't released an official schedule yet.  Clark runs down the non-league opponents who have released schedules that feature Oregon.  
  • Update on Harrington: Joey remained in the hospital for a second night after being hit by a car while riding his bike on Sunday night.  Despite a list of injuries that include a broken clavicle, broken ribs and a punctured lung, Joey's father calls him "very, very lucky" that none of the injuries are life-threatening. 

Go Ducks!