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The ATQ Fantasy Football Tournament: The Semifinals

In this fantasy world, Puddles can fly, and Bill Musgrave can throw deep to Keenan Howry. Anything is possible! (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)
In this fantasy world, Puddles can fly, and Bill Musgrave can throw deep to Keenan Howry. Anything is possible! (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)
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Edit: Added Jared, Dave, and my commentary on the matchups. -Tako

Last week's elimination round concluded with Team ntrebon taking out Team Matt Daddy, and Team David Piper trouncing PaulSF's Fighting Wheatons. Nick and Dave move on to the semifinals, where they take on jtlight and Takimoto, whose squads must be well rested by now. The first matchup for this week is jtlight vs. ntrebon.

jtlight ntrebon
QB Kellen Clemens Bill Musgrave
RB Ahmad Rashad Jonathan Stewart
RB LeGarrette Blount Jeremiah Johnson
WR Jaison Williams Keenan Howry
WR Terry Obee Tony Hartley
TE Josh Wilcox Justin Peele
OT Steve Barnett Jim Adams
OG Gary Zimmerman Bob Grottkau
C Brad Ecklund Dan Weaver
OG John McKean Mark Lewis
OT Fenuki Tupou Josh Beckett
DE Matt LaBounty Devan Long
DT Haloti Ngata Rollin Putzier
DT Vince Goldsmith George Dames
DE Mike Walter Will Tukuafu
LB Jeremy Asher Tom Graham
LB Blair Phillips Peter Sirmon
LB Joe Farwell Bruce Beekley
CB Chris Oldham Herman O'Berry
CB Jim Smith Jairus Byrd
FS Steve Donnelly Eric Castle
ROV/SS Anthony Newman Chad Cota
K Nathan Villegas Tommy Thompson
P Mike Preacher Kurtis Doerr

Here was jtlight's take on the matchup:

I think this weeks hypothetical matchup with Nick would be a very good game. Nick has some top notch skill position players, and a very efficient QB. He also has the top secondary and linebacker units of the draft.

But I think my team is set up to control these games, because it's lines are so far superior to any other line in the draft. Nick waited until the last few rounds to finish his O-line, and even the best offenses can't do anything if their line gets no push. Musgrave would spend most of the game on his back, and Stewart would have trouble getting to the line of scrimmage. And it's not like the rest of my defense is weak. With my secondary, even if Musgrave had a chance to throw, his receivers would have problems getting open against my All-American corners.

On the opposite side of the ball, I'm riding my superior blocking to victory. Nick's stellar secondary would make passing living hell, so I'll gladly use my strengths to counter that. With Zimmerman, Barnett, Eckund, Wilcox, and Jaison Williams, my offense would be running the ball a lot. The combo of Rashaad and Blount would wear down the fighting trebons.

This would be a great game, but superior line play is the key to victory, and would win this hard fought game.

Our other head-to-head battle is Team David Piper vs. Team Takimoto.

David Piper Takimoto
QB Akili Smith Joey Harrington
RB Onterrio Smith Derek Loville
RB Maurice Morris Terrence Whitehead
WR Bob Newland Samie Parker
WR Lew Barnes Demetrius Williams
TE David Paulson Ed Dickson
OT Paul Wiggins Steve Hardin
OG Adam Snyder Lee Gundy
C Fred Quillan Enoka Lucas
OG Palauni Ma Sun Carson York
OT Tom Drougas C.E. Kaiser
DE Matt Brock Saul Patu
DT Igor Olshansky Matt Toeaina
DT Steve Baack Romeo Bandison
DE Peter Brantley Ron Snidow
LB Ernest Jones Anthony Trucks
LB Casey Matthews Kevin Mitchell
LB Derrick Barnes Terrance Kelly
CB Cliff Harris Rashad Bauman
CB Walter Thurmond III Steve Smith
FS John Boyett TJ Ward
ROV/SS Michael Fletcher Patrick Chung
K Jared Seigel Gregg McCallum
P Len Isberg Josh Syria

Here is what Dave had to say about the matchup:

I'll be honest with you, I think this is a great matchup. I think the offensive skill positions are largely a wash. The other units are very close as well, but I do have a few advantages that will propel me to victory. I have a better offensive line, with Drougas and Snyder being among Oregon's give or six best ever. Tako's unit is still strong, but my elite pass rush will get them. Tako also has a weaker secondary. TJ Ward can was straight up bad against the pass, and Steve Smith was a subpar corner. My secondary is much stronger, with two lockdown corners, and a great all around free safety in Boyett. Tako has an outside linebacker who never played a down for Oregon. And I have the best kicker in Oregon history. Its a close matchup, but these key advantages will give me the win.

And here's Takimoto's take:

At the skill positions, it all comes down to what you prefer: talent over a short period, or sustained excellence? Every single one of my offensive skill players ranks in the top 4 in career numbers at their position. I have the most prolific running back, wide receiver, and tight end in Oregon history, and the best quarterback in the stat that matters most: wins. I think both mine and Dave's defensive line are slightly better than the other's offensive line, and our back sevens match up well. Dave's kicker may have the most field goals in Oregon history, but my kicker has the second most, while making a higher percentage. Our teams are strikingly even, but in the end it comes down to the legacy of all my skill players as having significantly better careers than Dave's.

OK ATQ, it's your time to vote. Who will advance to next week's ATQ Fantasy Football Championship?