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Quack Fix: Chip Kelly Talks Bobby Orr, Practice Reports, Mayan Calendars, and John Boyett

I'm from a small town called "Fresh Off a Cop's Ass", and you're making me homesick

  • Oregon Football Head Coach Chip Kelly did a QA session with the Thomas Neumann of EPSN Page 2 and there are some interesting nuggets. This time of year, you normally get questions like "who's a standout on offense" or "why is a football shaped the way it is and do you feel it makes your team faster". Two answers standout to me. One was his approach to goal setting which was "It didn't matter as long as I was happy when I got up that day." The other was who is favorite mascot was besides The Duck. Our friends up I-5 may be interested in the answer.
  • We've got a practice report from yesterday where it mentions an updated status on Josh Huff. He did practice yesterday but, of course, the situation remains day-to-day. With the end of Wednesday, Fall Camp is officially completed and so begins the LSU preparations. Hear that ladies and gentlemen? It's go time. We also have some analysis of the defense.
  • In an effort not to be outdone by local media exaggerated headlines, NBC latches onto a quote from Lache Seastrunk's concerning his departure and ask... "Could it be that Seastrunk actually played the part of the Mayans to Oregon's Doomsday calendar?". The article then proceeds to imply that the NCAA will give him immunity and grant him that hardship waiver IF he answers questions about everyone's favorite mentor and even goes onto make a connection between that immunity and the Miami situation. Looking forward to some wonderful comments on this one!
  • We also have some audio from Seastrunk himself regarding his decision not to appear on John Canzano's radio program. "Nobody goes on that show. All I hear are negative things about it".
  • One of my favorite players on the team is John Boyett and I was happy to see an article about him in the Corvallis newspaper which includes an account of him meeting San Francisco 49ers great Ronnie Lott.
  • Friend of the Blog and Track Tweeter Ken Goe gives us some updates on how thin the tight end position is and what we can expect out of the guys behind David Paulson. Just an aside, I get a little irritated with the use of the word "thin" to describe inexperience in various positions. It implies that there isn't talent or production at those spots and I think our run last year showed that we are a pretty deep team, regardless of experience.
  •  As we noted yesterday, men's basketball is ramping up their Italy tour and had a good showing against Latina Basket. I'm not sure what to make of this early game or how to even gauge the competition but I haven't seen this many people excited about basketball in years.

Hope you enjoyed the Quack today. We hope that you remember us for all your blogging needs and remember to spay and neuter your pets. Good night everybody!