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2011 ATQ Jersey Contest: Week 1

Here are your games for the first week of the 2011 ATQ  Jersey Contest.  As mentioned last week, the picks will be submitted via a form, which can be found after the jump.  Remember, your picks must be submitted by 11:59 PM PT on Friday.  Good luck!

Similar to last year, you will submit your picks with a passphrase.  Please select a phrase that you can easily remember (and not your SBN password).  You will use this same passphrase every week.  This is simply for me to verify that it is you submitting picks each week and not someone else submitting picks under your SBN ID.  Also, you *must* have an SBN account (if you don't, sign up---it's free).  I will ignore all picks that don't correspond to an actual SBN account.  Also, please make sure that you include a valid email address.  If there are any problems or if you win the jersey (or a weekly prize), you will be contacted via that email address. 

Here are your games for week 1:

  • Boise State vs. Georgia
  • Northwestern at Boston College
  • UCLA at Houston
  • BYU at Mississippi
  • Fresno State at California (-9.5)