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Quack Fix: The Buried Life, Former Football Scout Team Leader Dies, Joey Harrington Update

Wait, I'm confused. No Willie Lyles news? Have the columnists across Oregon exhausted all possible sensationalistic options? Maybe they're just on summer vacation now that we've had some decent weather.

  • I admit it. I'm old. I remember when MTV actually played music instead of being a younger version of the Fox Reality TV channel. That being said, I have actually watched a couple of episodes of "The Buried Life", a show about a group of guys trying to do 100 different things before they die and end up helping people in the process. The show is coming to Tigard High School this Saturday as the crew takes on a slew of former Duck footballers in a charity flag football game. If you want to go, entry is $10 and some cans of food. All proceeds will be donated to the Oregon Football Association and the Oregon Food Bank.
  • Husky beat writer Bob Condotta explores the possibility that the Oregon-Washington game this year is a trap game. He does raise an interesting point. To be considered a trap game, the favored team has to be looking past that particular game and I'm not sure we're at that point yet. Yes, it's been a wonderful decade of wins and the tide will turn eventually but I'm not yet ready to say that the rivalry has been reduced to the point of looking past either of them.
  • I'm not sure who remembers former duck Andy Collins. He ran the scout team during his redshirt year of 2002 and eventually transferred to Occidental College. I'm sad to report that he passed away Tuesday at the age of 27 of a heart attack, 10 days after marrying his wife. My heart goes out to his family in this rough time.
  • Looks like former UO quarterback Joey Harrington has been released from the hospital after being struck by an SUV while riding his bike. 14-year high school reunion is this weekend (yes, you read that right, don't ask) buddy. You'd better be there!
  • Ricky Heimuli talks about putting his family first.
  • The Oregon Sports Hall of Fame has a few new members. Former Oregon Head Coach Rich Brooks and track standout Kelly Blair LaBounty all receive hall passes. Make sure you keep that pass out in case the hall monitors stop you.

I apologize for the lateness of the quack today. I would say something pithy about how I was waiting for more quack in the morning or what have you but I was busy killing cartoon monsters last night and updating my database statistics. Have a wonderful Thursday and make sure to check back around 10am as Matt takes a look at the Defensive Line, an area I'm sure we're all interested in going into the season.