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Weekend Quack Fix: All Youtube Edition

Youtube has been a great addition to the internet.  We've been given such wonderful things as Charlie Bit My FingerRebecca Black, and Thigh Massage Videos.  But it's also given us an avenue to experience the Ducks like we've never had before.  Because of that I decided to put together the all Youtube Weekend Quack Fix. 

  • There have been a lot of Duck music videos over the last couple of years, especially considering Oregon's meteoric rise.  For those in Portland, you may have heard of Xile, and here's his recent Duck anthem which features a number of ex-Duck players:

  • If you're planning on attending fall camp on Monday, here's the RG primer on what to and not to do when you're there:

  • Lastly, the Duck highlight videographer himself is continuing to put out new vlogs.  This one features some of the Duck websites you need to follow on a daily basis.  Obviously, ATQ makes a cameo (and of course it's when a Matt Daddy post is on the front page) so make sure to check it out:

If you have other Youtube or Quack links, leave them in the comments.