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The ATQ Fantasy Football Tournament - Region 2

Update: I forgot to include Paul's roster. That probably explains why no one had vote for him yet. In the interest of fairness, I have reset the poll, so if you're one of the eleven people who voted this morning, please submit your vote again. Go Ducks. -Tako

First off, congratulations to jtlight, who secured the first semifinal spot and a two-week bye! It'll be good to get those hypothetical players a rest. Team David Piper finished in second place, with Team Matt Daddy finishing third.

The ATQ Fantasy Football tournament rolls on, with another three-team tussle. This week's matchup features ntrebon, Takimoto, and PaulSF. Let's first take a look at Nick's team.

Team ntrebon
QB - Bill Musgrave, RB - Jonathan Stewart, RB - Jeremiah Johnson, WR - Keenan Howry, WR - Tony Hartley, TE - Justin Peele, OT - Jim Adams, OG - Bob Grottkau, C - Dan Weaver, OG - Mark Lewis, OT - Josh Beckett, DE - Devan Long, DT - Rollin Putzier, DT - George Dames, DE - Will Tukuafu, LB - Tom Graham, LB - Peter Sirmon, LB - Bruce Beekley, CB - Herman O'Berry, CB - Jarius Byrd, FS - Eric Castle, SS/ROV - Chad Cota, K - Tommy Thompson, P - Kurtis Doerr

Here's what Nick has to say about his team:

Looking at my team, I think it is pretty clear that it is one of the top teams drafted. It boasts three All-Americans and 14 players who earned all-conference first-team selections. The offense is loaded at the skill positions, led by Musgrave, the first Duck to ever eclipse 3,000 yards passing in a single season at the QB position. At running back, I boast the most physically talented player at that position in Stewart, with JJ and his stiff arm backing him up. The receiving corps are an embarrassment of riches as Howry and Hartley are two of the most productive (and clutch) receivers in Oregon history. And, oh yeah, there's also Justin Peele available to catch the ball. While my offensive line may lack name recognition, one (Grottkau) was a first-team all-conference while the other four were all contributing members of some of the most productive offenses in Oregon history. All together, this is an offense that should have no problem scoring a bunch of points.

However, what truly sets this team apart from the others is the defense. With six of us drafting, it'd be nearly impossible for all of us not end up with a loaded offense (unless of course you decide to focus on wide receivers with 47 career receptions). On my defensive line, I have two players at end (Long and Tukuafu) who excel at pressuring the QB and tackling in the backfield. At DT, a position with not a lot of depth in Oregon's history, I have two first-team all-conference performers in Putzier and Dames. While Dames may be undersized, I think you have to note that he still dominated opposing offensive lines in 1968 and was the only unanimous selection to the all-opponent team that was voted on by opposing players. That said, beyond the defensive line is where I feel I have the biggest advantage. At linebacker, I have the school's top two overall tacklers in Graham and Beekley, plus Sirmon in the middle giving me a very strong (if not the strongest) set of linebackers. From there, it only gets better as I have the best defensive backfield of any of the teams assembled. This backfield includes two all-americans (Cota and O'Berry) to go a long with two other standouts (Castle and Byrd). This is a defense built to try and contain a high-powered Oregon offense.

After the jump, the other two teams, and your chance to vote for your favorite!

The second team in our ménage á trois of Oregon football talent is Takimoto. Takimoto made some bold moves in the draft, and is really happy with his team, as well as referring to himself in the third person.

Team Takimoto
QB - Joey Harrington, RB - Derek Loville, RB - Terrence Whitehead, WR - Samie Parker, WR - Demetrius Williams, TE - Ed Dickson, OT - Steve Hardin, OG - Carson York, C - Enoka Lucas, OG - Lee Gundy, OT - C.E. Kaiser, DE - Saul Patu, DT - Matt Toeaina, DT - Romeo Bandison, DE - Ron Snidow, LB - Anthony Trucks, LB - Kevin Mitchell, LB - Terrance Kelly, CB - Rashad Bauman, CB - Steve Smith, FS - TJ Ward, SS/ROV - Patrick Chung, K - Gregg McCallum, P - Josh Syria

I didn't want to come out of this draft with just a random mish-mash of talent. I wanted to make sure I had put together a roster that truly felt like a team, and I feel I accomplished that goal with this group. It starts at the top, with the greatest field general in Oregon history in Joey Harrington. No one can argue his credentials as a passer, a leader, and a winner. I made passing a priority once I drafted Joey, surrounding him with five of the very best pass-catchers Oregon has ever seen. Samie Parker is unquestionably the most prolific receiver in Duck history, and pairing him with the #4 wideout in career yards and catches in Demetrius Williams makes for a tall order for any pair of cornerbacks. Add to that the most athletic pass-catching tight end ever in Ed Dickson, and two of the top four rushers in Oregon history in Derek Loville and Terrence Whitehead, and you have a daunting array of skill for Joey to work with.

On defense, my mindset was simple: I want to stop the run, and deliver the pain. My defensive line spans five decades, ranging from 1963 NFL draft pick (round 3) Ron Snidow, to 2007 draftee Matt Toeaina. The other two members of my line, Saul Patu and Romeo Bandison, accounted for 88 tackles for loss while wearing the green and yellow. My back seven features two of the top six tacklers in Oregon history (Patrick Chung and Kevin Mitchell), two corners that combined for 25 interceptions and 111 pass breakups (Steve Smith and Rashad Bauman), two of the hardest hitters ever to don the O (Anthony Trucks and TJ Ward), and one of the biggest and brightest talents we were deprived of seeing reach his full potential (Terrance Kelly).

Lastly, we have PaulSF. It's safe to say Paul took longer than anyone else when he was on the clock. Was it diligent research, laziness, or was he just making us all antsy?

Team PaulSF
QB - Dan Fouts, RB - Mel Renfro, RB - LaMichael James, WR - Jeff Maehl, WR - Cristin McLemore, TE - Russ Francis, OT - Darrion Weems, OG - Bo Thran, C - Dave Tobey, OG - Mark Richards, OT - Mark Asper, DE - Reggie Lewis, DT - Ricky Heimuli, DT - Marcus Woods, DE - Dave Wilcox, LB - Darrell Mehl, LB - Wesly Mallard, LB - Reggie Jordan, CB - Kenny Wheaton, CB - Justin Phinisee, FS - George Shaw, ROV/SS - Keith Lewis, K - Morgan Flint, P - Josh Bidwell

First of all, I want to give props to Tako for coming up with this idea and doing most of the heavy lifting. Of course, the rest of the heavy lifting was done by the rest of the ATQ writing staff, who had to research a century's worth of statistics, record books, Wikipedia entries and, most importantly, U of O's media guide to find the Ducks worthy of one of the coveted roster spots on the six all-time Oregon Ducks fantasy teams (with the exception of Jordan Kent, who somehow sneaked onto Matt's roster). Hurray for us!

Anyway, here's why my team deserves to be crowned champion: I've combined players to represent all eras of Oregon Ducks greatness. I've got representatives from the early years, the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, aughts and even a guy from the current team. I've assembled easily the fastest backfield with two guys with sprinter speed, arguably the greatest quarterback to ever don green and gold, two standout wide receivers with glue on their hands, the best tight end in Oregon's history, a lockdown defensive backfield, and a solid if not spectacular special teams unit. My defense includes one of the most tenacious players in Oregon's history (Wilcox), tons of athleticism and speed (Phinisee, Wheaton) and size (Woods, Heimuli), as well as some of the hardest hitters to strap it on at Autzen (Mallard, the Lewises). Where I lack in size on the lines, I make up with agility and athleticism with units that can stunt and blitz to create a nightmare for opposing offenses as well as get blocks on the second level to open holes for my speedy RBs.

Frankly, I've assembled an offensive juggernaut with few weaknesses. Stack the box? We'll run around you with mobile blockers and speedsters on the edge. Aiming to slow the ground attack entirely? Fouts will torch you through the air with three receivers who were known for catching EVERYTHING thrown their way. Think a blitz might curtail the passing game? Think again. Fouts was notorious for standing the pocket and delivering the goods with pinpoint accuracy under pressure.

Even if we get stuck in a close one and our opponent is marching down the field...

"...Harrington/Clemens/Musgrave/Smith/Dixon is gonna go back to throw the ball...Sets up, looks, throws toward the corner of the endzone it is...INTERCEPTED! INTERCEPTED, THE DUCKS HAVE THE BALL! DOWN TO THE 35, THE 40! KENNY WHEATON'S GONNA SCORE! KENNY WHEATON IS GONNA SCORE!!! 20! THE 10! TOUCHDOWN! KENNY WHEATON! ON THE INTERCEPTION! THE MOST IMPROBABLE FINISH TO A FOOTBALL GAME!"

'Nuff said.

You've heard all three arguments. Now it's up to you to decide!

Votes will count through Friday night, with the winner getting a bye into the semifinals. The second place finisher will take on David Piper in the next round, the third place finisher will get Matt Daddy.