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Quack Fix: The Texas Pipeline, Rashaan Vaughn, Oregon Cheerleaders, and Duck Soccer

Football makes its return tonight with Murray State taking on Louiville on ESPNU at 6pm ET. For those of us without the additional cable channels, we'll have to wait an extra hour, hit up the web and take in the wonder of a great basketball rivalry when Villanova takes on Temple. 3-4 weeks from now, most people aren't watching these games but I've had to deal with baseball for months. I'll take anything football related at this point.

A couple of reminders before today's quack fix. For those that are new to Addicted to Quack, we will be having a live game thread on Saturday where you can participate with other members of the ATQ family in cheering on Oregon to (hopefully) a big win! Please count on joining us Saturday to participate in the fun. At times like this, it's important to take a moment and remind yourself of the ATQ Code of Conduct. Emotions can run high throughout the game and that can translate into crossing the line towards your fellow community members. Many people read the site including guests from other blogs, parents, former and current players and your words and actions can be seen through all those groups. This is just a reminder to think before your write and remember to follow the ATQ Code of Conduct at all times.

On with the quack!

  • Many people are picking Oregon to win the conference title this year but what you may not know is that there are only 3 programs in the history of the Pac-10 that have won the conference title 3 years in a row. USC is the obvious choice to be in that conversation but how many of you thought of Washington? Before that, you have to go back to the 50's with UCLA in the Pac-8. Lots of good stuff in this article from Friend of the Blog Ken Goe.
  • Here's a pre-season preview for Oregon that cites JUCO transfer Wide Receiver Rashaan Vaughn as the break-out player for the 2011 season. Another preview starts to talk about the upcoming season but then in typical ATQ fashion, veers off towards the cheerleaders. I'm still a fairly young man but when do we start becoming "creepy old guy with a blog posting pictures of college girls"?
  • The entire state of Oregon has benefited from the Texas Recruiting Pipeline over the last decade and just like when Oregon State traveled to Cowboy Stadium to take on TCU last year, this year's Oregon-LSU match-up gives players an opportunity to head home.
  • In recruiting news, Alex Balducci (go rams!) opens up about his commitment to Oregon and discusses what he's been told about his role as a Duck. Not that this should surprise anyone but Coach Az told him that they will look to mold him into a defensive tackle/nose guard role. Look for a video with an interview with Alex.
  • Galen Rupp is in the news as he advanced to the 5000m finals at the IAAF World Championships.
  • Remember when the Oregon Volleyball Team was unranked to start the season? Well, all they did was upset Penn State and low and behold, they're up to number 16 in the country. The Ducks move to 4-1 on the season and notched their third sweep in the last two days taking out the American Eagles 3-0.
  • Michael Kruse does Oregon Football keep winning? Interesting take and perspective.
  • Hopes aren't just high for the football team. Oregon Soccer is looking at 3 straight shutouts to start the 2011 season and are aiming towards making the playoffs for the first time ever. There is a long way to go but this is a great turnaround for where the program has been. This weekend will mark a big test as the Oregon Nike Tournament kicks off from Pape Field.

That's it for the quack. Enjoy your day and Go Ducks!