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Quack Fix: Flashy Uniforms, First Aid Service Team, Nike-made Bats, and All Rocks Go To Heaven

I like to move it move it.

  • Missouri State is coming to Autzen Stadium on Saturday and I haven't seen this much confidence about a game's outcome since the Oregon State / Sacramento State matchup. Rob Parness offers a preview. Terrell Turner is talking about how Chip is getting the team ready to play and it should come as no surprise that he's treating it just like any other game. Speaking of Terrell, he took a quiz Missouri State. Ted Miller offers up some Pac-12 predictions for this weekend.
  • Apparently there is this new trend going around with the hipsters that says flashy uniforms bring in recruits! On a serious not, the article does have some interesting notes about Oregon recruits and players as well as a discussion of the Maryland "flag" uniforms. 
  • There is a group of people at every Oregon Ducks home game that go mostly unnoticed but play a vital role in ensuring the success of the event, win or lose. That group is called the First Aid Service Team (FAST) and with the heat last weekend, they were a busy bunch. Here's a profile of the group.
  • All kinds of baseball news today. 13 freshman appear on the diamond for the Ducks to start the year after several losses from last. Only 9 out of 38 players have experience in an Oregon uniform. Oregon may be referred to as "Nike U" but that doesn't mean we will be using Nike-produced bats.
  • In volleyball news, we have a preview for the upcoming Pac-12 season and boy does the conference look stacked again this year. We also have an Arizona Wildcats oriented preview for tomorrows matchup.
  • Nothing like some friendly wagers between some NFL players. Colin Kaepernick got to wear a Duck polo shirt after losing his bet with OL Adam Synder of the 49ers.

In lighter news, I thought this series of images (although surely fake) would brighten someone's day. Have a good Thursday and Go Ducks!