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Jersey Contest: Week 3 -- Blogger picks

Don't forget to submit your picks by tonight's deadline.  Here's what the moderators of ATQ thought about this week's games:

Jared Nick Dave Dominic Takimoto MattDaddy
Oklahoma at Florida State OU OU OU OU OU OU
Arizona State at Illinois ASU ASU ASU ASU ASU ASU
Ohio State at Miami OSU OSU OSU OSU Miami Miami
Utah at BYU BYU BYU Utah BYU Utah Utah
West Virginia at Maryland WVU Maryland WVU Maryland WVU Maryland


Here are the  PickEmRules.  And, here's a list of all valid picks that were submitted through 6:00 AM PT.  If you submitted and your name is not listed, that means there was a problem with your picks (most likely pass phrase not matching week 1) and you should have an email from me.

Oklahoma at Florida State [Matt Daddy]:

Oklahoma and Florida State, a match up of two top 5 teams, is most likely the game of the week.  Last year Oklahoma completely dismantled the Seminoles in route to a 47-17 victory.  That game was in Norman, this one is in Tallahassee.  Expect Florida St to be better prepared as last year's game was only Jimbo Fisher's second game as head coach.  Both teams went on to have great years, but Oklahoma one-upped FSU again by making it all the way to a BCS bowl game.  With FSU having home field advantage, another full year under Fisher's system and the pain of that humiliating loss still fresh in their memories, Florida State should be able to keep this one a lot closer.  Unfortunately, I still think Oklahoma has the advantage.  

Pick: Sooners


Arizona State at Illinois [Dom]:

I really liked Arizona State's win over Missouri in overtime and I think they carry that momentum into their game against Illinois. Outside of that, the Sun Devils have one major advantage going into Saturday. The State of Illinois has two key companies leading the way in manufacturing, Boeing and Caterpillar. What do they have in common? They both produce scrap metal, a chief ingredient in Vontaze Burfict's diet. Throw the shocker in the air and take Arizona State. 

Pick: Arizona State

Ohio State at Miami [Dave]:

Ah, the Probation Bowl. Neither of these schools have looked great early on in the season, with the U losing a close one at Maryland, and OSU 2-0, but struggled to put away Toledo at home. Normally, I would be inclined to pick the home team in this situation. However Joe Robbie Pro Player Dolphins Dolphin Landshark Sun Life Stadium isn't a great home field advantage, and Miami has a ton more distractions with Jacory Harris starting his first game and all the Hurricanes' turmoil being relatively recent as opposed to Ohio State's being much more settled. For those reasons, I like the Buckeyes.

Pick: Ohio State


Utah at BYU [Jared]:

With both BYU and Utah looking to have less than exciting offenses, this should be an evenly matched, defensive-minded game between the Utes and the Cougars. With Utah going on the road in a rivalry game, I just can't pick them. They haven't shown themselves to actually be better than BYU. Because of that, I'll take the home team. 

Pick: BYU


West Virginia at Maryland [Takimoto]:

I like West Virginia QB Geno Smith, though his name sounds out of place in this era of football. He sounds like he should be dueling Norm Van Brocklin on the gridiron, wearing tweed, and smoking a pack of Pall Malls a day. For an actual reason for my pick, the Mountaineers have won the last five games in this matchup, and will make it six straight with a win in College Park.

Pick: West Virginia