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ATQ Blogpoll: Oklahoma and Stanford make their case, a surprise teams make the top 25

It was another great weekend for football. As we get into the season, we get to see more and more real games. And Oklahoma and Stanford did what they needed to do to solidify their place amoung the elite teams.

Oklahoma did what they needed to do. They went on the road to a hostile environment, and beat a very tough and motivated Florida State team. Though the offense sputtered, the defense, which is why I wasn't sold on Oklahoma at the beginning of the year, came through and held FSU to less than 300 yards and 13 points.

Stanford dominated Arizona. Now, Arizona might actually be a pretty terrible football team. But Stanford's defense was more than good enough, and Andrew Luck is just incredible. Add in a strong running game, and Stanford will be a very, very tough team to beat this season. Unfortunately for the Cardinal, they lose star LB Shane Skov for the season

Outside of the top, we saw some movement throughout the poll. One thing that's great about this time of the season is the unexpected teams that make 3-0, like Iowa State. They have pulled out some exciting wins, including two wins against BCS conference foes, and I'm ranking them 25th. Will they end up here? Almost definitely not, but hopefully they can do better than the last team ranked 25th. They replace WSU after the Cougars fell apart late against SDSU. Clemson also makes an appearance after a big win over Auburn. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Tigers can fall apart.

The full poll is after the jump. Leave your comments. The poll goes final tomorrow morning, so get your thoughts in now, and I can make changes before the 9:30AM EST deadline.