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Jersey Contest: Week 4 -- Blogger Picks

Don't forget to submit your picks by tonight's deadline.  Here's what the moderators of ATQ thought about this week's games:

Jared Nick Dave Dominic Takimoto MattDaddy
Oklahoma State at Texas A&M OSU A&M A&M OSU OSU A&M
Florida State at Clemson FSU Clemson FSU FSU FSU FSU
Cal at Washington UW Cal UW UW Cal Cal


Here are the  PickEmRules.  And, here's a list of all valid picks that were submitted through 6:00 AM PT.  If you submitted and your name is not listed, that means there was a problem with your picks (most likely pass phrase not matching week 1) and you should have an email from me.

UCLA at OSU [Dave]:

(Sorry for the late picks) These two teams really suck, but at least UCLA has some talented players.  80% of James Rodgers returning isn't going to make a bad OSU offense become good.

Pick:  UCLA

Oklahoma State at Texas A&M [Dominic]:

Oklahoma State should be your pick and I'll tell you why. You could point to the fact that Oklahoma State is a Nike school while Texas A&M is an Adidas school. That's not it. The Aggies are going to the SEC and boo to the SEC! Nah, that's not it. I know! It's because Oklahoma State has a billionaire and in this down economy, we should be doing all we can to support the Football Creators. After all, it's only through their blessing that we receive the bounties of new uniforms. Take the Cowboys and help get the Jersey Contest to that shinning star on a hill. 

Pick: Oklahoma State


FSU at Clemson [Nick]:

I think this game will be all about momentum and heading into this game it is in Clemson's favor.  Last week, the Tigers knocked off the defending national champions while FSU suffered a 10-point loss to Oklahoma.  Perhaps no one on Clemson is riding that momentum more than QB Tajh Boyd who is off to a very hot start with 10 TDs and over 900 passing yards through the first three games.  I like Clemson at home to hand the Seminoles their second-straight loss.

Pick: Clemson 

Cal at UW [MattDaddy]:The winner of this game stakes claim to being the third place best team in the Pac North and sets themselves up for bowl contention.  With 3 wins uw has Colorado, @OSU and WSU still on their schedule to get to the magic 6.  Cal has @UCLA WSU and OSU and a win at uw would put them only 2 wins away.  More importantly, Cal could really use a good road win.  Cal's weakness seems to be on offense this year, which plays well into uw's struggles on defense.  I think this game should be one of the closer ones in the Pac on Saturday with Cal pulling it out late and getting revenge for uw's last second win last year.  

Pick: Cal

USC at ASU [Takimoto]: I think this link sums up my thoughts nicely.

Pick: USC