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Quack Fix: Recruiting Trips, Mark Helfrich, Mike Stoops on Oregon, and Faking Injuries

I fell down on the quack last week but not today. I couldn't help it last week. That Storage Wars marathon was just too good.

  • Even though we've got a bit of a lull during the bye week, Football coaches are off on recruiting trips this week. Bob Rickert has some great updates on a number of targets that Oregon is talking to. Arizona State and Washington State appear to be shaping up to be great recruiting weekends. Let's hope for amazing weather and good impressions.
  • Mike Stoops had some post-game thoughts about Oregon's offensive line during the Pac-12 conference call this week. Confidence growing, more experience, tough to argue with that. With the bye week here, it will be time to work on some things and git ready for the rest of the Pac-12 schedule.
  • A lot has been made of Oregon's success and rise to the top. Athlon Sports looks at other programs that may be on a similar rise over the next decade.
  • Football Offensive Coordinator Mark Helfrich was dealing with more than Arizona defenses last Saturday. His father was found dead in his hotel room before the game. Speaking for everyone here at ATQ, our hearts go out to Mark and his family.
  • With the California Golden Bears coming to Eugene next week, it will be easy to remember faking injuries and all the controversy it caused. To Cal Head Coach Jeff Tedford's credit, he's owned it and has looked to move on. That doesn't mean we shouldn't talk about it. This article discusses how faking injuries is part of American Culture.

More quack? You know what to do.