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Jersey Contest: Week 5 -- Blogger Picks

Don't forget to submit your picks by tonight's deadline.  Here's what the moderators of ATQ thought about this week's games:

Jared Nick Dave Dominic Takimoto Matt Daddy
Nebraska at Wisconsin Wisc Wisc Wisc
Wisc Wisc
Clemson at Virginia Tech VT Clemson VT
VT Clemson
Texas A&M at Arkansas A&M A&M Ark
Washington State at Colorado Wazzu Wazzu Wazzu
Wazzu WSU
Michigan State at Ohio State OSU MSU OSU


Here are the  PickEmRules.  I do not have a list of valid entries at this point.  If you have any doubt, just resubmit your picks.

Nebraska at Wisconsin [Nick]: 

Wisconsin opened as 7-point favorites at Camp Randall Stadium and the spread is now 9 or 9.5 in most books.  Considering that I am a remarkable 5 for 25 in in my picks so far this season, I am not going to waste any more time and will just ride with the favorite at home.  This pick probably bodes well for the Cornhuskers.  
Pick: Wisconsin

Clemson at Virginia Tech [Dominic]:

Texas A&M at Arkansas [Matt Daddy]:

Nothing like a good ol SEC battle... wait what?  Oh that's next year.  Nothing like a good ol Southwest Conference Battle... wait what?  Ok, fine.  I'm going with the fact that the Aggies are going to want to make a good showing to their future conference brothers.  Plus, I don't trust Arkansas to stop an ant from carrying away a bread crumb.  Look for A&M to bounce back from their second half melt down last week and get a big OOC win.  
PICK: Aggies

Washington State at Colorado [Dave]:

CRIPPLE FIGHT! This is a really interesting game, as CU has really struggled on the road, but played Cal really tough at home.  Meanwhile, WSU dominated two creampuffs before falling apart and Couging it against SDSU.  That said, I think SDSU is much better than Colorado, and a young Cougar team will be more composed after going through the road tango once before.  CU has just done nothing to show themselves to be very good. I'm doing it.  Give me the Cougs on the road.
Pick: Washington State

Michigan State at Ohio State [Jared]:

While both teams started the season with high expectations, neither has been overly impressive, and both have been crushed by two-loss teams. tOSU hasn't played all that well, but they have more talent, and they are playing at home.
Pick: Ohio State