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Quack Fix: Focus moves to Nevada and rumors about 2013 Tennessee game

The theme this morning is that it is time to move on to Nevada.  Here's your Tuesday quack:

  • The Ducks returned to practice yesterday and are looking to move on from Saturday's loss to LSU.   For those lamenting the fact that Darron Thomas did not run the ball more, here's his take: "I can’t really do more than I’m told to do. If I read to give the ball, I’ve got to give the ball."
  • Aaron Fentress writes that the Ducks still have a lot to play for, including a third-straight conference title.  The LSU game definitely highlighted some areas for an improvement and I am looking forward to seeing how this team responds.      
  • Rumors were circulating yesterday that Tennessee was backing out of a visit to Oregon that would complete the home-and-home series agreed on by the two schools.  Fentress notes that with the athletic department returning from holiday today, we should have official word soon. 
  • If you're in the mood for a recap of the game, here's FishDuck's.  
  • Ted Miller has his weekly rewind and look ahead for the conference.  Oregon's only mention is their pairing with Oregon State for earning a "frowny face" for the state on opening day.  In his look ahead to week two, Miller wonders about Nevada, who did not play last week.  

Also, check out the videos after the jump.  

Go Ducks!