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How We Stop: Oregon's Defense vs. Nevada's Offense, as a Series of Limericks

There once was a team from Eugene,
whose field was so very green,
they'll play the Wolf Pack
with a new quarterback,
and a running game on which they will lean.

This Wolf Pack team from Reno,
a city full of smokers playing Keno,
they will run the pistol
as tight as a whistle,
an offense the Ducks try to veto.

Nevada has four running backs, 
at which our D will take whacks, 
juniors Nick Hale and Mike Ball
will get their team's first call, 
then Mark and Jefferson will get cracks.

They have many options at receiver,
but me? I'm not a believer.
Rishard Matthews is good
and the rest, they all could,
but the rest are as young as the Beavers.

Their offensive line should be stout,
four starters return for this bout,
but they aren't too deep
and the pressure is steep
cuz of thousands of Duck fans who shout.

QB Tyler Lantrip's a vet,
but he hasn't gotten his feet wet,
if we make him pass,
and we blitz his ass, 
the football, we surely will get.

Our defense played well last week,
Even though the scoreboard was bleak.
The front seven attacks, 
The DB's hang back,
And turnovers will they all seek.

If we do beat our opponent, 
it will be because they have thrown it.
We will take it away
and then Win The Day, 
The game, we'll emphatically own it.