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Quack Fix: Emphasis on the Running Game, Costa Hurt His Knee Again, Cross Country

You know what time it is. Black and yellow, black and yellow.

  • For all the hype the Oregon backfield had going into the LSU game, the unit only managed 95 yards on the ground as a team. That will be one of the major points of emphasis going into this weekend's game against Nevada. People always look for answers after these types of games but there was no question that LaMichael James wasn't as decisive in the game as he was last year. I expect that to change against Nevada.
  • One of my favorite Duck players of all time, Nate Costa, had a difficult decision to make. It wasn't just his football career that was cut short by a knee injury. He also hurt his knee while at the police academy. Some of you noticed his appearance on "Talking Ducks" and wondered why he was there. Now you know.
  • Even though football couldn't beat up on LSU last weekend, Women's Soccer heads to Baton Rouge for a tournament called, strangely enough, the LSU Tournament. If you haven't been following the soccer team, they're 4-0-1 with a shutout streak going. 
  • Need a preview of Pac-12 Cross Country? The Ducks are ranked 4th coming into the season.
  • Now that Men's Basketball is back from Italy, it's time to go to work. The experience overseas not only gave the young Ducks awesome memories to take with them, they also got to see some of their flaws and weaknesses exploited. Valuable experience before the upcoming season.
  • The KVAL news team gives us some predictions on the score this Saturday. Personal take is this is a must win game. There is a lot that could go wrong in this game. Yes, I know that Nevada has lost many players from last year. Yes, I know that Vegas has them as a supreme underdog but anything can happen on any given Saturday. I know that many of us don't want to admit it but we could very well lose this game. Yes, full on PANIC mode.

The quack. You have it now.