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Quack Fix: Miami Finds Their Coach, Devoe Joesph, Rose Bowl Trophy and Kenjon Barner

I don't see what people get out of seeing Husky Stadium demolished. It's not like they are going to stop in the middle and say "Well, looks like we aren't going to make a new one. Your football team needs to play at a high school from now on". If anything, it makes me want to restart the arms race and build that Autzen Expansion.

  • A common thing to do during the long off-season is to release super early and completely irrelevant guesses at polls for next year. Oregon comes in at number 3 in this very early poll with the author citing depth and Kenjon Barner as a suitable replacement for LaMichael James. My opinion? I think LSU is going to be the team to beat next year. Tremendous depth and a chip on their shoulder to boot, look out for the Tigers in 2012. I think the Pac-12 is going to be harder to navigate with so many new coaches and the overall talent increase. We'll see how the spring goes.
  • Want to get your picture taken with the Rose Bowl trophy? Well, it turns out the UCLA Basketball game at Matthew Knight Arena on January 21st will showcase that trophy, the Pac-12 Championship and give fans a chance to congratulate the football team and coaches on an amazing bowl victory. Tickets for the game begin at $15 and should be a great crowd. If you don't care about football and really, who does, you may care about seeing Devoe Joseph. He's had a major impact on the team this season and it's too bad we only get him for one year.
  • I'm sure there were lots of potential recruits watching the Rose Bowl this year and not just the football kind either. Being in SoCal gave the University of Oregon a chance to reach out to prospective students.
  • We have reports about the Miami Dolphins Head Coaching Job. No, Chip Kelly didn't take the job. We don't even really know if he was contacted about it although everyone but KEZI9 seems to think he wasn't. It turns out reports are linking Jeff Fisher to the post at $7M/year. I know there is a lot of push to move people out to the NFL or what have you for a "better job" but sometimes that "better job" isn't the NFL. If part of your DNA is being a teacher and mentor and you're a football coach, I would claim that college is your best job. How can you teach people in the NFL when everyone thinks they know everything already?

A little light on the quack. Sorry about that. Everyone have a great day Rose Bowl Champs!