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Quack Fix: Olu Ashalou, All-Americans, Real Time RPI, Marcus Mariota and a Special PSA

On the advice of ATQ Twitter Manager, and my personal lawyer, Chesterfield, I can no longer (redacted) when I discuss anything related to (redacted). Needless to say, I'm proud to (redacted) a joint initiative with California Golden Blogs to form the "The Definitely Not Talking About (redacted) Super PAC". All proceeds go directly to our (redacted). Here's your (redacted).

  • First up, we've got hoops on the brain! Well, maybe I do at least. The Men's Basketball Team has two very winnable games coming up this week when UCLA and USC come to town. Oregon Live has some good basketball links and some good information about Olu Ashalou. Anyone remember playing Duquesne last year in the CBI? Well, it wasn't that long ago that a shooting occurred at that school and one of Olu's brothers almost didn't make it.
  • Saturday should be a big day at Matthew Knight Arena as the Rose Bowl-winning football team will be honored at halftime of the UCLA Bruins game. Also, if you haven't figured it out, the men's team has a really good shot at doing something special this season. Real Time RPI is at 49, putting Oregon only behind California in conference. Who knows? Hold serve at home and get splits and we'll have a really nice season on our hands. Need a preview of the game? Here's one from the UCLA perspective.
  • Recent Academic All-Americans. 7 of them. Go read this and honor their work!
  • Obviously talk of the quarterback situation has been a hot topic over the last week or so. If you follow @addictedtoquack on twitter, you know that Chesterfield has been engaging fans on the possibility of Jake Rodrigues getting some time and possibly competing for the starting job. This is a great article discussing his road to the Ducks and also provides an update on his leg injury from back in November. SPOILER: Looks like he'll be ready for Spring Camp.
  • He's not the only QB that could earn some playing time. Chip Kelly has called Marcus Mariota "the perfect fit" for the Oregon offense. Mariota is ready to compete after redshirting last year. It may have been hard for him sitting on the bench, but he learned from the best during that time. FWIW, Rob Moseley guesses that Mariota will have a 35% chance of earning the starting job.

Finally, I know we had a lot of fun the last day or so with 3000 and all. Sometimes situations can get a little overheated. What do you do if your thing you've got a fire breaking out, especially in your own home? That's why we'd like to offer up this Public Service Announcement to all readers of Addicted to Quack.