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Tuesday Night Talks: Talking recruiting with Matt Prehm of DuckTerritory

Your favorite dynamic duo, Matt Daddy and myself, are back this evening for another episode of Tuesday Night Talks at 9:00 PT. Of course, we'll talk about Chip Kelly and our first place Oregon basketball team, but we also have a special guest. We'll be talking recruiting with Matt Prehm of Find out if Chip Kelly's flirtation with the NFL will have an effect on recruiting, and if the Ducks can pull any rabbits out of their hat on signing day. As always, here is the link to listen live, chat, or call-in. And remember, you can always download the show the next day in podcast form at the same link.

I also want to encourage you all to check out DuckTerritory. There are a number of recruiting sites out there, but they really do an awesome job (and are having a 30-day free trial right now if you want to get the scoop between now and signing day).

In the meantime, this is your thread to talk about anything you would like us to address in the podcast.