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Quack Fix: AD Mullens talks about Chip Kelly, what does Phil Knight think?

Everyone's hearts recovered from the weekend? Here's some quack to calm those nerves.

  • Oregon Athletic Director Rob Mullens had a press conference yesterday, to talk about what really happened in the Chip Kelly situation (full video is after the jump). Aaron Fentress has an article summing up the drama from Mullens' perspective. While this came as a shock to fans, Mullens has known about Tampa Bay for more than a week, and has been in talks with Kelly during that time. While Kelly's departure was in question, it seems like Mullens and the Athletic Department were on top of things from the start. Mullens also dismissed the rumors that Kelly had made demands about his coaching staff.
  • Adam Jude has another article rounding up the Kelly story. The more I read about this whole story, the more annoyed I get. With the rush to be first, and get something out there, a lot of opinion got conflated into fact. Beyond that, in this article Jude notes that (per sources) Kelly's contract will be extended, and his assistants will get raises, which Mullens seemed to deny in his press.
  • Will there be any repercussions from from Kelly's NFL flirtation? George Schroeder takes a look at how Oregon's "power brokers" will react. There is definitely a history of things allegedly souring after almost leaving. Schroeder claims that Bill Moos and Mike Bellotti both saw their relationship with Phil Knight change after flirting with Washington and UCLA, respectively. Will that happen with Kelly? We'll have to wait and see.
  • Lastly, some Civil War Basketball news. Curtis Anderson takes a look at the OSU coach Craig Robinson and his attempt to connect with OSU's basketball tradition. Last week, he got Gary Payton to return to OSU and sit courtside for the Beaver's win over USC.

Mullens' press conference is after the jump. Leave your comments and other quack in the comments. GO DUCKS!

Rob Mullens comments on Chip Kelly's possible departure to Tampa Bay