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Quack Fix: Recruiting and more recruiting, Cliff Harris, plus chances for the MBB to finish at 20 wins

I've never been into recruiting very much. Following the whims of teenagers making one of their first important decisions of their lives never interested me very much. Sure, I'm as excited as everyone on National Signing Day, but I don't get too caught up in the drama leading up to it.

If I can offer just a small word of advice, please don't bug and or pester recruits as they try and make this decision. Social media has given us greater access to them then ever before, but that doesn't mean they need to hear from every raving fan about their opinion. Lastly, if a recruit decides to chose a different school then Oregon, don't be negative or say bad things about him. In other words, don't be that guy. Onto the quack:

Go ahead and leave any other pieces you find in the comments. Go Ducks!