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Chip Kelly doesn't deal in hypotheticals. That doesn't mean we can't.

December 2, 2012--College football fans across the southeast and west coast are bracing for controversy as the final BCS Standings are set to be unveiled tonight. The top three teams in the country--Oregon, USC, and defending champion LSU--are the only one loss teams and can all make claims to a place in the title game. USC and Oregon split two of the best games of the season in Los Angeles--USC taking the the November matchup on a last second field goal, Oregon returning the favor in similar fashion in the Pac-12 title game. Both teams won every other game on their schedule by double digits.

LSU, meanwhile, went through the entire SEC with one loss. However, that loss was in Baton Rouge to a three loss South Carolina team, and struggled to victory in matchups against rebuilding Alabama and at Arkansas, before rebounding to beat Georgia handily in the SEC title game. LSU fans maintain that going through the SEC with one loss warrants a trip to the title game, and question the viability of USC and Oregon playing for a third time this season. Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott insists that both the Ducks and Trojans have a better resume, and that it would be impossible to differentiate between the two for one spot, leading to the possibility of a split national championship.